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Every 5 Minutes One Woman Dies Giving Birth In India. How Can We Help?

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  •   June 15, 2016


Statistics show that out of a total 5.29 lakh pregnancy-related deaths recorded worldwide, 1.36 lakh occurred in India. 

We know the importance of mothers, and life for those who are born without mothers, would be miserable. Because mothers are the light of every child’s life.

The most common cause of maternal deaths is ‘postpartum haemorrhage’.

NDTV reported, “The incidence of emergency postpartum hysterectomies is about 83/100,000 with a maternal mortality of 17.7% and a pre-natal mortality of 37.5%,”

Unhygienic conditions, carelessness on the part of the doctors, and often, the family’s, are the deep-rooted causes of the shocking number of maternal deaths.

How do you think we can assist women and give our contribution while making sure that the number reduces?

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