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DISCUSS: Hindu Men Can Divorce Their Wives If Forced To Separate From His Family

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  •   October 8, 2016


In a ruling that has stirred a major controversy, the Supreme Court stated that a Hindu husband could divorce his wife on the grounds of cruelty if she tries to separate him from his ‘pious obligation’ to live with his elderly parents and look after them.

“Insisting her husband to live separately from his parents is a western thought alien to our culture and ethos,” Justice Anil R Dave, who wrote the judgment, said.

Well, I think this ruling is very archaic and has come out harshly on women. If a woman is facing discomfort because of the husband’s family and is looking for a way out, it is her right to attempt to restore marriage under new circumstances.

I mean, the couple can take care of the family even if they do not live with them. Such laws put women in a very narrow space wherein their right to live freely is questioned. This promotes dependency and burdens women with patriarchal obligations. This also can be manipulated as a fresh divorce threat within the emotionally abusive relationship.

What do you think about this? Let’s discuss!

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