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Ageism in India: Share Your Story!

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  •   April 15, 2015

When the news broke on April 10 that Hillary Clinton will announce her 2016 presidential bid Sunday, Twitter filled with the sexist name-calling. This time sexism got the ugly face of ageism.Many of the folks posted photos of Clinton’s face and called her a hag. Their criticism was not about Clinton’s ability to do the job at the age of 69, the age she would be when taking office. The tweets contain images, or their language is visual. This is entirely about the former Secretary of State’s looks, which means it is entirely about tying her worth back to her sexuality, rather than her work. Portraying older women as asexual means making them invisible. Emphasize Clinton’s age, make her disappear.

The Everyday Sexism Project wants to shed light on this issue by asking women all over the world to share their stories with hashtag #OlderWomenVoices.

Discuss the ageism issue in India. Share your story.

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