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Dirty House is Good for your Relationships

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  •  October 22, 2014


Nobody loves a dirty, messy home. Well, except most of the bachelors. While you must be overloaded with cleaning the home for Diwali, we are just in time to tell you the benefits of a dirty home in a marriage and other relations!

  • Less stress & madness – If you worry less about cleaning the home, you will not stress things out. Most of the ‘khit-pit’ that women are doing these days is all because they are over-thinking about cleaning the kitchen, their room, your room, guest room, drawing room.  Also, less madness because being a cleanliness freak is no good. So while the husband is discussing a major issue with you, you will be like ‘wait, let me just put your shirt in the washing machine’. Please don’t do this. Ever.
  • More time & energy for each other – Scrubbing and cleaning all day is a hard task that requires lots of energy. By the end of the day, all women wants to do is to crash down on bed asap. This definitely kills the family conversations and quality time with husband. We definitely don’t want this.
  • It is a Bonding Experience – How about the family together decided to not clean the home for a day and let it be dirty? This mutual decision will strengthen the bond. The kids will be happy to bring in muddy shoes, the dog can roam around freely, the husband can throw his socks and shoes anywhere – and you can leave the dirty utensils in the basin for a day. Just a day.
  • You feel young – Remember those bachelorhood days when the laundry was kept for at least a month before finally deciding to wash it. Those hostel days were crazy and smelled bad, but don’t you miss them the most? Go back to those days and feel youthful at times!
  • You will realize few things can wait – Not everything is an emergency. However, taking a break and having a peaceful cup of tea with husband is.
  • You will be able to appreciate your husband all the more – How? Because when you will sit idly you will watch him do things that you probably have missed before. Maybe, he is the one who switches off the light after you leave the room, or one who puts washed utensils back in place, or the one who sharpens kids’ pencils.
  • You can lose the remote or mobile phone – How great that would be, right? No continuous free messages on whatsapp, no office calls, no cricket matches, no saas-bahu soaps. Ah, let that remote/mobile be hidden under the many dirty sheets in some extreme corner of the room.

Do you agree with our thought that dirtiness is good for relationships? We would love to know your reviews!

PS: Of course, we love tidy place to work, eat and sleep as well. But you know, not every day has to be perfect. xoxo

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