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Dietician Namita Panagaria Tells You What NOT To Eat This Festive Season!

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  •  October 17, 2015


You don’t want to gain weight during this festive season, like last year. Do you?

As you are being honest with us, I’ll make you meet Dietician Namita Panagaria, a Jaipur prodigy. Having Doctor-parents around, Namita was sure that medical field is something she wants to make her career in. 

Soon after completing her PG in Nutrition, she began working with some of the top-notch hospitals of India including AIIMS and SMS, Jaipur. She told us, “My inclination has been always towards clinical, which includes suggesting healthy diets to people admitted in ICU, or to someone who’s suffering from threatening diseases like Cancer, etc.”


Today Namita is recognized among the best doctors of the city. However, the success road wasn’t full of roses. She remembered, “As a 24-year-old, it wasn’t easy for me to even communicate with the experienced doctors. They doubted my capabilities. Most of them used to think that nutritionists are meant for people who belong to glamorous fields like film industry, modeling, etc. Once a doctor told me ‘Who are you to tell my patients what to eat?’ I was taken aback. This was 10 years ago. Today, I get calls from Doctors asking me to guide their patients regarding their eating habits.”

Namita’s clientele differs from senior citizens to young people including teen students!

Check out what this brilliant Nutritionist has to suggest to you for this festive season:


JWB: One solution for people who CANNOT give up sweets.

Namita: First, don’t make big claims that you’ll fully stop eating them! If you’re in a habit of savoring ice-cream and chocolate after every supper, better try switching to dark chocolates.

JWB: Is it okay to reach your workplace empty-stomach?

Namita: Never do it because it forces you to eat extra food during lunch time, making you obese. Sprouts are an easy solution for people like this. They are easy to buy and prepare, and you can even eat this kind of breakfast on your way to office!

JWB: Many men take protein shakes on a regular basis, as suggested by their trainers. Is it good?

Namita: I don’t think so. Better go for indigenous products. Don’t just follow other ‘dudes’. Calculate your BMI, energy levels and then decide what will help your body become stronger.


JWB: Healthy cooking tips for working mothers.


  1. Time management: In order to keep healthy mentally, I think having control over your time schedule really helps. Plan your day ahead, like which veggie you are going to cook the next day. Chop it a night before and you can save some time during the morning hush-hush.
  2. Choice of cooking oil: Who said olive oil is the best? Guess what, nobody! It is healthy when eaten raw with salads or when it is mixed with other oils. So feel free to stick to your regular refined oils.
  3. Include more physical activities: If you’re working, you tend to sit for about 8 hours a day at your workplace that results in increase in weight. Take your child for an evening walk, or walk your dog before going to office. Use stairs often and ditch the elevators.
  4. Eat on time: Don’t take your lunch at 4 pm, please. Fix a time and follow it strictly. This will help the body metabolism big time.
  5. Smart cooking: If your child doesn’t eat vegetables, make paratha rolls or frankies filled with sabzis. To make the regular poha healthier, add soya and oatmeal to it. Prepare chilke wali daal which is rich in fibers. Use multi-grain flour, replace gram-flour (maida) with wheat-flour. Eat fruits without peeling them. These are few hacks that you can apply every day!

JWB: Message for mothers who love to pour kilos of ghee in their children’s food.

Namita: Ghee and oils are very important for our body’s inner functioning. But since excess of everything is bad, too much ghee can also harm your child. That baati dipped in ghee isn’t doing any good to your child’s health. Trust me.


JWB: Burst some of the dieting myths.

Namita: When you say you’re on diet and eat roasted namkeens, you’re contradicting your own diet plans. Similarly, not eating white bread and instead buying brown bread doesn’t help much. Bread is bread.

JWB: So what’s the solution?

Namita: Opt for food that is steamed, boiled, oven baked instead of something which is roasted or fried. Cut down sugary intake which does more damage than fatty eatables.

JWB: What do you say to mothers whose kids absolutely love Maggi?

Namita: Add lots of vegetables to the noodles, making it a nourishing feast!


JWB: Finally, any quick way to lose extra weight?

Namita: Oh god, there isn’t any! How can you get fit in a month when it took a year for you to get unfit? Get real and never stop working hard towards your health goals.

She is right, nothing happens overnight. If you’re trying to shed some weight (like me!), have patience (which I lack, by the way) and keep going. No hard work is wasted, and as they say, stay determined and have control over your taste-buds!

Photo courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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