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Despite Society’s Opposition, Jaipur Woman Gets Her Widowed Mother Remarried

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  •  January 11, 2018

In May 2016, Geeta Agarwal, a Jaipur school teacher, lost her husband when he suffered a heart attack. Her depression over his death worsened when her daughter, Sanhita, moved to Gurgaon for work. Aware of the loneliness her mother felt, Sanhita decided to ditch the so-called societal norms and find a partner for her 53-year-old mother.

“I used to curse myself for leaving my mother behind. I visited her over the weekends so that she could be happy at least for two nights but still felt selfish for choosing my career over her,” she said. Vowing to bring her mother out of depression, and without telling her mother, she created her profile on a matrimonial site.

“Everyone needs a partner in life – you cannot share everything with your children,” Sanhita said. Soon widowers started contacting Sanhita, who finally told her mother her plans.

“I was mad at her for the idea,” said Geeta. “In our conservative families, widow remarriage is outrageous.” Her own family was against her remarriage and denied to provide any support but Sanhita wanted her mother to have the chance to live again.

It was in October that KG Gupta from Banswara contacted Sanhita via the matrimonial site. A 55-year-old revenue inspector, Gupta had lost his wife to cancer in 2010 and was a father of two sons.

“For many years, I immersed myself in badminton to tide over the loneliness but now I have fitness issues. A colleague suggested remarriage and created a profile for me on a matrimonial site,” Gupta said.

Still apprehensive about getting married again, Geeta was only convinced when, going through a hysterectomy In November, she had the constant company of Gupta for three days, who immediately came to Jaipur on learning about her surgery.

The two got married in December 2017 and Sanhita is finally happy because she can see the glow of true happiness on her mother’s face.

H/T: Hindustan Times

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