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Despite Alok Nath’s Anticipatory Bail, Vinta Nanda Is Sure That He Will Face The Law

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  •  January 10, 2019

With multiple cases being reported under the ongoing #MeToo Movement, the court has observed that writer-director Vinta Nanda “did not lodge the report immediately after the alleged incident for her own benefit,” against actor Alok Nath and he has been granted anticipatory bail.

The observations made by the court doubts the credibility of Vinta’s version of events but she is unperturbed by his bail. Several news reports have been focusing on how the order is in the favour of the accused, although speaking to TNM, Vinta said, “This (Alok getting anticipatory bail) is not a setback. In fact, it has brought him out in the open to face the law, unlike before, when he had been absconding for 6-8 weeks and not appearing for hearings.”

While the incident happened in 1998, the police complaint was made by Vinta on October 17, 2018, and the FIR was registered against Alok on November 20, 2018. According to the reports by the court, Vinta said she decided not to file the complaint back then on the advise of her friends who told her that Alok Nath was a big actor and all her companies had been shut down.

“Thus, nothing on record to show that applicant has given any threat or made any promise for not lodging the report. Thus, it reveals that applicant did not lodge the report immediately after alleged incident of her own benefit,” read the report by the court.

The court in justifying the advantages of filing a prompt FIR said that if there is a delay, “danger creeps in of the introduction of coloured version, exaggerated account or concocted story as a result of large number of consultations/deliberations.”

It considers a prompt FIR by the complainant as “assurance of truth” and “a promptly lodged FIR reflects the first-hand account of what has actually happened, and who was responsible for the offence in question.”

Since Vinta couldn’t remember the date and the month of the incident, the court ordered that it could be possible that she is framing Alok. “In view of all these facts the possibility cannot be ruled out that the applicant has falsely been enroped in the crime,” the order said.

In response to the orders, Vinta pointed out that thousands of cases of sexual violence go unreported, but that does not mean they did not happen. “I was silent for so many years because I belong to a community and the atmosphere there was not enabling, until recently. And when it did become enabling during the MeToo movement, I did speak up. I was able to give vent to so many other women also who spoke up against him after that. Can it be that all of us are lying and only Alok Nath is telling the truth?”

However, she is certain that the notes made by the judge are based on Alok’s application and she alleges that the application has several baseless allegations against her. Vinta also added, “The Public Prosecutor has argued against these to the best of their ability. The good thing is that our intervention on these claims was accepted and put on record; though it has not been considered by the court in making its observations.”

Despite the orders of the court, Vinta felt vindicated when CINTAA (Cine and Television Artistes Association) expelled Alok Nath in November 2018. She is confident that he will have to face the consequences as he under the scrutiny of law. “I have respect for the court order because I trust the process of law. The investigation has just begun.”

H/T: The News Minute


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