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Designer Hemant Ambwani & The Lion King Are Coming To Rule ‘Classroom on Wheels’. And How!

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  •  October 10, 2015


There is a reason why we have kept Fashion Designer Hemant Ambwani’s story for today – a day before the mega event.

Obsession with handbags is similar to that of cigar and wine. The fanatics, over the time, become bag-experts appreciating the quality and craftsmanship. And once they reach this stage, they hardly care about the price tag hanging from handbags.

Hemant is creating one such flawless bag that will be showcased tomorrow at our fundraising event ‘Classroom on Wheels’. We guarantee, one look at it and you’ll go gaga.

The bag that Hemant selected for himself has a lion’s sketch on its top.

12He informed us that he plans to get it painted by a talented teenager, Guddi. She is a destitute girl who lives in a city-based NGO called Udyan Care. Hemant told us this morning that she has beautifully painted the lion in colorful shades and even put big black buttons as the eyes.

Guddi is the reason why we saved this story for the last day. And we will make sure, the little one is present tomorrow at the event!5

What more? The women’s wear designer said, “Since I belong to Rajasthan, I plan to decorate the bag further with tribal Rajasthani motifs – colorful hangings, threadworks, gota-patti, beads and ribbons – making it look very gypsy. It is originally a pure camel-leather bag on which I am putting her artwork along with other patterns.”2

Oooo…we can’t wait to see this swanky designer bag!

Visit us tomorrow 3 pm at Spice Court, Hari Mahal, to witness this masterpiece. The event aims to help underprivileged kids living in the slums of Jaipur city who are deprived of the quality education. With the raised money, we will recruit teacher(s) who will go to 3 slums a day to teach kids along with some furniture and books in a mini-van.

See the making of the project here!

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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