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Delhi’s Only Female Uber Driver, Zamarrud Parveen Unveiled

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  •  August 21, 2015


Hello Ladies! Having a bad or a dry day?

This article will brighten up your spirits and will instigate a stream of inspiration within you. I bet my driving skills on that!

Meet Zamarrud Parveen, a 21-year old untamed and spirited woman who currently happens to be the only female Uber driver in our capital city, Delhi. Didn’t this statement just raise your brows? Well, it certainly raised mine!

Being associated with a cab-service and that too in Delhi; both of these things are pretty infamous for harassment and misconduct against women. But this not so untrue fact doesn’t affect Parveen’s strong will.

She wears her stylish niqab and exercises her suave control over the gear and clutch, riding carefree across the capital city. Simultaneously, she is pursuing a BA pass course from Jamia Millia Islamia, which is a step closer in accomplishing her ultimate dream of teaching her favorite subject, Islamic Studies.

“This job is very convenient, if I have some personal work I can just go offline, finish my work and go back online,” said Parveen.

Being born and brought up in a conservative mohalla in Bijnor, and belonging to an orthodox muslim community, Parveen had her own platter of struggles!

“You know what people think of women – by 18 or 19, get her married and that’s her whole life. Just chulha, chaaka, bachche, that’s it. But my mother was just completely different. The amount of turmoil she’s been through in her sasural, I don’t think anyone else would be able to. Her mother-in-law didn’t like girls at all. But my ‘abbu’ always wanted to have daughters,” Praveen mentions.

She was no different from those shy young girls of her neighborhood who were always kept inside the house and weren’t allowed to speak to people, until she joined Sakha Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

“When I was young I couldn’t speak to or even stand in front of people. In Delhi, I spoke to more people, Sakha gave me training in self grooming, English classes, self defence and that really helped me open up.”

Parveen loves to drive on the highways. While speeding in those broadway lanes, she is also accelerating through patriarchal barriers and making a new statement! An influential statement which is crushing the sexist taboos associated with women on driving seats.

Kudos girl! We are inspired by your fearless spirit!

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