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Delhi Police Uploads Self Defence Techniques for Girls On Youtube

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  •  August 10, 2015

The Delhi Police has uploaded two videos titled ‘Self Defence Techniques for Girls by Delhi Police’ on the Ministry of Women & Child Development Govt of India’s YouTube channel.

Ministry of Women & Child Development Govt of India was set up in 1985 as a part of the Ministry of Human Resource Development for the holistic development of women and children.

The videos shows situations like eve-teasing at metro station/bus/streets, kidnapping, bag snatching, rape, an auto driver who’ll take you down an unfamiliar route, etc. These are such incidents that can happen to anyone of us.

So watch them carefully, learn the tactics and knock down the harasser next time:

While you are training yourself to be physically powerful and smart, we also suggest you to stay mentally strong and alert. Always carry a sharp item like knife/pins and pepper spray with yourself, and develop the quick presence of mind to use them whenever needed. These handy tools can temporarily scare the offender and provide you with the time to escape the location.

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