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Deepika Mhatre On What The Life Is Like For “Every Maid During Diwali”

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  •  November 5, 2018

“Namaste, I am a maid and a stand comedian. Din bhar madam mereko sunati rehti hain, phir raat ko main sab log ko sunati hoon,” says Deepika Mhatre, a unique talent in Mumbai’s burgeoning standup comedian scene.

It was on Women’s day last year, when Ms Sangeeta Das (at whose home Deepika works) arranged a talent show for the “bai log.” A genuine being, she gave them a platform to showcase their talents, for them to have a little fun, and that was the time when Deepika took everyone by surprise with her instantaneous stand-up comedy act.

Since then she has been using her streak of humor to voice out the feelings of many domestic workers like her, in response to the inconsiderateness of their employers aka “madam log.”

“Why can’t they treat us well? We too are humans, and just as we need them, so do they,” Deepika raised in a conversation she had with IWB earlier this year. She added, “What I expressed through my jokes the first time is what I express every single time, which is about the behaviour and attitude of big people (employers) towards us. Most of us domestic workers (maids in Deepika’s words) work for 12-15 hours a day, and it is very hurtful when the people whose house we work at wouldn’t even let us take rest, forget offering water or food. We are also humans, and all we want is for them to have a kind heart and to act more humane.

Deepika recently did stand-upup comedy act called “Every maid during Diwali” in which she brought to light the injustice faced by every house-help during the festive season.

Speaking on the tolling times of Diwali cleaning and preparations, she said in her characteristic bindaas voice, “Bonus toh dete hein par bonus mein bhi double kaam karwa ke lete hein ye log (Even if they give us the bonus, they make us work double the amount of our work).”

Though said in a moment of humor, don’t these words reverberate one of the darkest realities  of the contemporary society i.e. the constant dehumanizing of those who fall below us in the social ladder?

Watch the entire video here:

Every maid during Diwali, by Deepika Mhatre, a real maid turned stand-up comedian

Watch Deepika Mhatre, a maid turned stand-up comedian discuss the problems faced by every maid during Diwali Cleaning. #DiwaliKiTayyari

How about we awaken the human within us this Diwali by acknowledging the human in others?


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