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Dedicated to India’s Most Inspirational Man

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  •  October 16, 2015


There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says, “Where does the sky end?” He stares at the sky in awe, scanning it until his vision falls short of the sky’s expanse.

His elder sister, who sits beside him, holds his hand and says, “I think it never ends.” He looks at her, and then at his friend, “What do you think, Subu?” Subramaniyam shrugs and his eyes are fixed on the stream, “The stream is more beautiful and so much closer.” He hops down from the log and soaks his feet in the clean, cold and flowing stream.

Be careful!” The girl says but gets ignored.

She springs down the log and walks towards him. “Where does the stream end?” She whispers.

Subramaniyam looks at her with a glitter in his eyes, “Let’s find out!

The boy continues to stare at the sky until he sees clouds crawl with the wind, “I want to be a cloud!” he says, enthusiastically. His sister looks at him, and grabs his arm. “Now, now! Get up! We’re going to find the end of the stream!

What about the end of the sky?” He cries, standing up.

The boy persists, with his eyes fixed at the sky in admiration. He wonders what it is that lies above the clouds.

She senses the glimmer in his eyes and lets go of his arm, as the sound of the stream pacifies her. Subramaniyam runs into the distance to chase the stream. Keeping an eye out for Subramaniyam, she moves close to her brother. Ruffling his hair, she wraps her arm around him.

I want to fly!” He says with his eyes sparkling shinier than the flowing water.

He glares into the sky, with his hair parted in the middle, a little boy named Kalam.

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