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My dear, singlehood does not kill. It adds: Vandana Mehta

  • IWB Post
  •  March 8, 2015


Single women are envied by newly-weds and vice versa. But there are many women who are better off without men and are really happy staying single. This Women’s Day, we have been sharing with you 4 most amazing stories of such Single Women from Jaipur. Meet the next one – Vandana Mehta.

This 46 years old is in high spirits with her ‘single status’ and do not want the burden of marriage. Single women, read her story and cheer up. And the married ones, it’s time to get little red in jealousy! Check out her story:

JWB – Vandana, we truly enjoyed the ‘Hawa Mahal’ series with you.

Vandana – I loved it! Probably that’s why I am sitting in front of JWB once again.DSC_0130

JWB – Tell our readers all about your wonderful-46.

Vandana – These 46 yrs have been truly wonderful: first, because nobody ever told me to get married. Can you believe that? How delightful it is for a girl who is not being asked the question – ‘Shaadi kab karogi?’ Instead, I was always told – ‘Please don’t get married’.DSC_0104

Second, I have received ample amount of love from my family & friends. Starting from my parents, brother, far-off relatives, friends and now their kids, everyone has been pouring buckets full of love over me. And so, I never felt like looking for love outside my home!

JWB – Basically, you have never fallen in love?

Vandana – Ha-ha. Yes, if you’re talking about ‘that’ love.


Vandana with her mother (in green)

JWB – Don’t even want to?

Vandana – Only after my parents will be no more. Today I live with them as my commitment towards the family. I have loved being with them and they are like my BFFs. After they are gone, I might want to find someone special.DSC_0135

I will have a live-in relationship! (laughs)

JWB – You’re funny!

Vandana – I live each day of my life. I do things in which I find solace. I stay with people who sparkle with positivity. I travel to places where I find a part of my soul.DSC_0117

I walk in the gardens with a cup of coffee. I buy burgers from McDonalds and distribute them among street kids while talking to them. I love driving to unexplored places all alone. Even in my near future, I have the same plans of making my every day a Happy Day.

JWB – During this exciting journey you must have met quite many exciting people too!

Vandana – Jaipur Women Blog is one of them. I am loving each second of my dialogue with you right now. I am so glad to see you promoting healthy thinking.DSC_0131

JWB – Thank you very much. You blaze with happy vibes! Haven’t you ever faced tough times?

Vandana – Will you believe me if I say no? Frankly, I have never. I have had beautiful relationships and smiles around me.DSC_0128

Women, most of the time, get upset when they hear negative comments about their physical appearance. In my case, nobody has ever told me that I need to reduce fat which could disturb me. But as I said, I have never ever encountered sad things in my life.

JWB – Can singlehood kill womanhood?

Vandana – My dear, singlehood doesn’t kill anything in life. It adds.DSC_0109

JWB – Vandana, your mom is here too. As a mother, she might be having dreams about your marriage. Did she ever force you or blackmailed you emotionally?

Vandana’s mother – We just told her one thing – if you are really happy staying single, we are with you. Just don’t mess around with your life.DSC_0151

Vandana – And I just followed them!

JWB – Blame game, eh?DSC_0120

JWB – Any message for our women readers?

Vandana – Keep one thing in mind that you’re a woman. You’ve got to be a woman in this male-centric world. Don’t try to be a man; you have got enough inside you to be a victor.DSC_0142

Inspired? We certainly are.

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