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Dear F-word, Go Fly A Kite! #okbye!

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  •  July 14, 2015

Damn! What’s with this f***ing internet! Stops working right when you need it the most!

*looks down at the watch*

Oh f***! I am so late today!

So, I better stop abusing and start writing already! Pardon me for the indecent usage of the “F-word” up here! I think I am a part of a generation which is drowning in this F-bomb explosive high up to the eyeballs.

Interestingly, I suppose this is the only word which has migrated from its origin of being an abusive noun, to an indispensable adjective. And the renowned term finds its place in the English Dictionary, too! I can almost picture Shakespeare crippling in his coffin!

Anyway. The point of all this chatter is that we are all diseased with this impolite habit of using the F-word in almost every sentence that comes out of our vocal cords. But fortunately! We have a savior! Sneha Keshav, a twentysomething Mumbaikar, is on a mission to wipe off this overrated vulgar term from her vocabulary. And she’s helping others too through her Instagram account: Taming of the fuckery

She is on a 100-day mission wherein she suggests creative and actually funny alternatives to the f-word, and illustrates them in pictures.

“Taming of the fuckery is about finding colorful alternatives to the word ‘fuck’ which has taken over our vocabulary ever so slyly. As I embark on this 100-day journey, I will do my best to tighten my tongue and typography,” says Sneha.

She further says that she doesn’t peculiarly have a problem with the term, but there are times when our language needs to be filtered, especially when around parents and little kids.

Way to go girl! May thy efforts succeed!

Take a look at some of the suggestions she has to offer, and well, laugh! 😀



Also, she doesn’t hesitate to borrow a few terms from other lingos! “Xiang Wui”, is a Chinese phrase, and her favorite alternative to the infamous F-word, which translates to “Go, see a ghost!”

Holy macaroon! This is awesome!

Dear f-word, go fly a kite! #okbye!

This article was first published on July 14, 2015.

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