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Day 2: Learn 9 Spring Braided Hairstyles with Soniya Sharma

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  •  February 26, 2015


In case you have missed the previous 5 hairstyles Soniya taught us on Day-1, you can learn and revise them here. Continuing her workshop, today she is sharing few more quick  hairstyles for this spring. Have a look!

  1. Snake Tail – This swirl is sexy and will make anyone drool over you. Wear this hairstyle during a date night.

    Snake Braid

    Snake Braid

  2. Natural Hairband – Why wear plastic when you can make a natural band! This style is very girl-next-door.
    Natural Hairband

    Natural Hairband

    You can further add small braids to get a ‘Scottish-maid’ look.

    Hairband + Scottish Maid look

    Hairband + Scottish Maid look

  3. Butterfly – Every girl loves butterflies. Catch one in your pretty hair. It is the quickest style you can do in just a minute. So next time you’re running short of time, you know what to do!

    Butterfly Pony

    Butterfly Pony

  4. Braids & Bun – A perfect for this season’s weddings. Be it the bridesmaids or the bride herself, everyone can don this hairstyle. braids bun braids bun 2(Trick: use a big band to make a quality bun)

SO tell us which one is your favorite and which one do you find the easiest?

We also did a quick chat with the budding hairstylist. Below are the excerpts:

JWB – Does one need to have very long hair to try these styles?

Soniya – A shoulder-length is good enough. If you have stubborn curls, straighten them temporarily before trying any of these.DSC_0004

JWB – Since how long have you been doing this?

Soniya – About 5 yrs or so.DSC_0023

JWB – And your sister has always been your experimental ground?

Soniya (laughs) – Most of the time!DSC_0009

JWB – How did you develop this passion?

Soniya – I was always attracted to various hairstyles the actresses would wear. I asked my mom to learn making them. But she never did that, so I took charge. After all, it was my interest.DSC_0014

JWB – The women in your family must be taking advantage of your talent.

Soniya – Not really. Women, as they grow old, are afraid of experimenting. Fashion knows no age. I encourage them to try styles they have never experimented with. It’s fun, and you become more confident about yourself.DSC_0027

JWB – Is being a hairstylist on your career list?

Soniya – No, it is just a hobby. However, I am about to put one stall during my college fest where I will be happily styling hair of my friends. I am very excited about it.DSC_0032

JWB – We wish you all the best. And thank you Sakshi, you have got really beautiful tresses.


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