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Day 1: From Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffle To Green Tiffins, Taste The Flavor Of Our Vegan Workshop

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  •  March 10, 2017


This month, we’re encouraging people to go vegan and how!

Having invited India’s Vegan-diet Expert Mayavi Khandelwal of My Pure Path to Jaipur, we’re conducting a two-day vegan workshop from 9-10 March 2017 at Polo Inn & Suites.12

The first day of the seminar witnessed as many as 60 people in attendance. It was exciting to hear Mayavi talk about finding nutrients in the plant-based sources and forgetting about the meat, milk, ghee, and curd and everything constituting fat.4

When some of us raised hands to share our vegan lifestyle, Mayavi busted the myth saying that any diet with even the slightest touch of milk products is not 100% vegan. Such foods are known as ‘Oreo Vegan’ diets.

Let this blog from day 1 with expert Mayavi share some useful tips with you along with her heavenly vegan recipes. And from recipes, we mean nut-based mayo salad, vegetable makkhanwala with brown rice, green smoothie, pakodas, and chocolate truffle.

Mayavi began the session by surprising the guests with a flavorful green smoothie made of banana and greens like spinach, cucumber, mint, and some broccoli.collage_122

Before Mayavi could take charge of the kitchen and teach the audience the recipe of Mayonnaise Salad, a woman asked her, “How has your life transformed after adopting a vegan lifestyle?”


To which, Mayavi replied, “I used to be overweight (showing her before-after picture).”


“I could eat two wholesome meals together at a time and still feel hungry. In no time, I developed eczema, diabetes, and a high blood pressure. Today I enjoy food as much as before, however, I had to train myself really hard to control my appetite. When I introduced myself to the vegan food, things got simpler. The process of losing weight became easier, and I enjoyed my ‘diet’ which generally sounds horrifying to most of us. I am working on my bikini body these days,” said a smiling Mayavi.9

Next, the vegan food Expert taught us making vegan mayonnaise for the cold salad using ½ cup cashew, 1 tsp mustard seeds, ¼ tsp pepper, 5-6 cloves garlic, 2 tsp chopped onions, lemon juice, and salt.

“The recipe is super easy,” she said. “All you have to do is soak the cashews for 3-4 hours and later, drain and wash them. Grind all the ingredients together along with some hot water. Grind until it becomes a thick paste and keep adding water slowly, if necessary. Refrigerate the mixture and enjoy it with your lettuce salads!”


A lady from the audience popped a question, “This is an incredible dish that I can serve to my 10-year-old son who doesn’t like the usual Indian breakfast. What else can I experiment with to please his taste buds?”


Mayavi replied, “Every kid is like this. You can try giving him dhoklas, chillas and dosa topped/filled with green veggies, sprouts spread with this kind of mayonnaise, and even pancakes! If you don’t have a grinder or a steamer in your kitchen, go buy them today. They are the warriors that will help you adopt a vegan diet instantly.”


She added, “Don’t get overwhelmed and make your child eat bowls full of nuts every day. Consuming 10 nuts a day is more than sufficient. The Same rule applies to the adults, as well. Make a mix of almonds, walnuts, cashews and other nuts and make sure the total number doesn’t exceed ten portions.”

Mayavi also shared which fruits shouldn’t be eaten together. For example, watermelon and muskmelon should be avoided with apple and orange. Also, no fruits should be eaten during the meals. On the other hand, salads can be consumed before, during and after lunch/dinner.

Mayavi then took to preparing vegetable makkhanwala with brown rice by declaring, “If you ask me about my favorite dish, this would be it. I’ll tell you most of the times that it’s the best recipe I’ve ever tried. Maybe I exaggerate, but you gotta try it yourself!”


Our team tried the vegetable makkhanwala and highly recommends it to be your vegan lunch once in a while. The creamy tomato and cashew puree mixed with carrots, potatoes, peas, cauliflowers, and French beans enhanced the flavor of the rice.


Another question that went popular among the attendees was about replacing the wheat flour with other gluten free grains. For this, Mayavi suggested Pearl millet flour (Bajra), Sorghum flour – Jowar atta, Amaranth flour – Rajgira atta, and Corn/maize flour – Makka atta.


Swati Ubroi and Manish, who were present in the audience, shared their vegan-rituals with others. Swati said she starts her day with one glass of almond milk and one big bowl of one seasonal fruit. For lunch, she takes boiled lettuce and one bowl of daal without tadka but enriched with organic vegetables. “I keep my salads interesting by throwing in varieties of nuts in it, adding a pinch of lemon juice,” she said.collage_4

Manish added, “I turned into a vegan after I met with a severe accident. With a drastic change in my diet, I realized that milk is not going to give me enough calcium, unlike the myth we believe in. A few days ago, my flatmate made me white sauce pasta using maida and coconut milk. Vegan food is the most delicious food in the world, mark my words, everyone!” 

By the end of the day-1, Mayavi shared with us the recipes of vegan shrikhand, vegan pakodas, organic curd, and vegan chocolate truffle. Mouth watered?


Now before we get busy on the second day of the vegan workshop, here are some more tips on going 100% vegan:

  • Eat pickles without using oil. Let the ginger, lemon juice, and chili powder do the magic to the raw mango.
  • Instead of cottage cheese (paneer), try tofu.
  • Say no to microwave, aluminum foils, and plastic containers.
  • 36
  • While traveling, ask the chef to cook your meal in minimum oil. Try carrying your own masalas.
  • Organic food is expensive, so visit places in your city where organic farmers visit.
  • Manage your own vegan garden at home.

Photo courtesy: Chhaveesh Nokhwal

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