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  •  January 31, 2014

Anita’s side of story: 

I am the only child of my parents and this gave me immense love, easy living and also over-protection. After schooling I wanted to go to Jaipur for my graduation. But was scared of the fact that my parents wouldn’t allow as they are way too attached to me and couldn’t see me going away from them. But as they say, when destiny has a plan then nothing can stop you.

My parents unexpectedly agreed and I came to Jaipur. And this wasn’t all. When I got selected in Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, to pursue MBA, they happily agreed to send me miles away!

Now when I look back, I think it was just my fear that made me think what if my parents would stop me to pursue my dream but now I realize that my happiness is theirs. Today I work with reputed IT Company as HR Manager. I am happy. I have changed that phase into a feeling of pride for me and my family.


Anita’s parents’ side of story: Mrs. Manohar Jaiswal & Mr. Kamal Kumar Jaiswal

Being a parent is a full time job and with each stage of your child’s life, a parent’s role becomes more crucial. When our daughter was going abroad for her studies, we faced a lot of criticism from people around us. Relatives and friends said how sending a girl to a foreign land would spoil her or something wrong could happen. Our decision of sending her to UK was solely based on her capabilities as a student. Yes, there was a risk but there is always a risk. This does not mean to make your child sit at home and do nothing.

The question can be – then why not made her continue to study in your own city or even India for that matter? Well, our point is – she proved herself. She bagged the position and earned herself a seat in this prestigious college. We could never let that go in vain. Life must move on, if we lack courage and wisdom, what we are going to impart in our kids! And most importantly, you must be sure of your values given to your children.

If you trust them, your kids will never let you down. Don’t hassle in taking such decisions, especially in educational matters. Our daughter made us proud and that’s all for us.

By Anita Jaiswal, HR Manager

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