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Dark & Lovely!

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  •  March 13, 2015


Argh! We’re fed up of this while ‘Fair and Lovely’ thing. Thanks to projects like ‘Dark & Lovely’ trying to remove this stereotype that is so prominent in our Indian society.

In its initial project, it shows some beautiful dark complexion women wearing tee-shirts with the message ‘Dark & Lovely’ and believe us, they do look absolutely lovely.

Let’s take a look:

Anoushka Dabholkar– Runs Imagine Goa, a concierge companyAnushka_IMG_6334

“I was not treated badly. But those with fair skin were treated disproportionately better.”

Lakshmi Menon – Supermodel and photographerCover

“In India there is this contradictory reality: it is a country of people who, for the most part, have skin as dark as me. But you just need to open the magazines or watch a Bollywood film to realise that they are all white, with blue eyes.”

Deepshikha Khanna – Textile developerDeepshikha_IMG_6489

“As soon as we’re able to get over this need to emulate the west, especially with the way we look, we will get over this need to be their colour as well.”

Aparna Murali – Doctoral candidate and volunteer at the 2012 Kochi-Muziris BiennaleAparna_IMG_6369

“I don’t think very much about my skin. But i do feel like this obsession with skin colour is on the rise.”

Nandita Chandra – Actress and lifestyle consultantNandita_IMG_4834

“When I lived in Delhi I was asked to audition to be a fairness cream model and it was such rot. The storyline was how I got the job of my dreams once I was fairer.”

Amrita Mahindroo – Associate producer at Bootpolissh FilmsAmrita_IMG_6469

“There are a few aunts who believe that the fairer you are, the more beautiful you look, and of course the odd friend who enjoys making a joke about tanned or dark skin.”

Sheetal Mallar – Photographer and former modelSheetal_IMG_6394

“I didn’t get the advertising jobs because I was too dark, but I was deemed ‘exotic’ and did well on the runway. Things changed, very slowly.”

Susmita Mohanty – Spaceship designer and aerospace entrepreneur. themoonwalker.inSusmita_IMG_6460

“I’ve thought about the quality of my skin, yes. The color? No.”

Carol Gracias – SupermodelCarol_IMG_0041

“How often do you see dark-skinned girls in ads? Maybe a little more frequently than you used to, but not as often as you should in a nation of brown-skinned people.”

Even the 11th issue of Motherland magazine talks about this issue under the topic: Skin. The Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy rewrites the notion of a “black list” into a chronicle of achievement. Their work reflects an India that is finally comfortable in its own skin.

> Motherland is a quarterly magazine on contemporary and emerging Indian cultures. It is founded, edited, art directed and published by Wieden+Kennedy Delhi.


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