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Dariya Rathore’s Art: Cladded in Many Layers of Womanhood

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  •  December 16, 2014


As young as 26 yrs old and having the mind of a maestro, Dariya Rathore is a brilliant artist that Jaipur has. Last week she put up her art-exhibition in Jawahar Kala Kendra. We reached there to have a quick interview with her because all her work is devoted to women empowerment, which is our cup of tea.

JWB – Hello. So tell us something about the artist in you.
Dariya – I am 26, and I have been painting since was a small kid. My exhibitions are presented from time to time in Jaipur. Other than this, I’ve participated in an art exhibit in Fatehpur city recently.

JWB – Are these paintings your own imagination?
Dariya – They are a mix of my imagination and the people I come across on streets or while I am traveling.

JWB – All your paintings here are woman-oriented and have a message. Why is that so?
Dariya – Art can help spread the word of wisdom to a different kind of genre in the society. Though very less in number, but it can touch the hearts of people.
JWB – What are you trying to say through this exhibition?
Dariya – My paintings here portray messages of freedom, girl education, child abuse, motherhood, woman’s relation to music, self-doubt, moods, etc. I tried touching almost every important topic related to womanhood.

DSC_2738 DSC_2739 DSC_2741
JWB – And what have you discovered during the long journey while you were painting all of them?
Dariya – I explored the woman in me. I am not married, and I am glad this sense of realization came in me before I start living with a man (husband). I feel I have become wiser and smart to carry myself in this changing world.

JWB – What portraits that you have drawn resemble your life?

DSC_2727Dariya – I think more than resemblance, these paintings promote education for girls that I hold closest to my heart. In spite of belonging to a traditional & orthodox background, my parents have encouraged me to study, and because of them I have Masters degree in Art. My education has shaped me from inside.

DSC_2734JWB – You have shown a lot of Rajasthan’s woman in your art.

Dariya – I have tried to display a Rajasthan woman’s freedom via her clothes she is draped in and her heavy jewelry that she wears all day long. This is just a way to show the burden of traditions our women have been carrying since ages.

DSC_2731JWB – Ah, woman clad in many layers of clothes. At that, tell us if you support nudity in art.
Dariya – Though many renowned artists have developed a likening to it, I oppose it. Be it a woman shown with bare breasts or a man without pants, I just don’t like it.
JWB – Go on…

Dariya – Shockingly, few people who have come to visit my exhibit have come and told me to show sexual art to attract more people. Maybe, that is the reason I have never supported nudity. It has become a weapon to gain TRP.


JWB – Any message for our readers?
Dariya – This painting is my message. You can see the cage is open, but still the bird is not flying into the open sky. Even if the laws and society give you the freedom to express and live on your own terms, the fear in women’s minds stop them and become their biggest limitation. Break free it and fly high.
JWB – Wonderful!

By Lavanya Bahuguna,


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