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Damini & Bhuvan, Rakhi Challenge Winners, Win Rs. 12,000 Worth Spa Vouchers

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  •  September 7, 2015


Hello Folks! The much awaited moment is here! We know you all have been religiously following and voting for the contestants of our Rakhi Challenge that happened last week. We also know that you are excited to know the result of the competition. So, here and now, we take pleasure in announcing the winners!

Drumroll please?

Bhuvan Gaur and Damini Gaur, the twenty-something brother-sister duo have won the challenge owing to your votes, which came barging in right from the first story to the last.8

Besides your appreciation and love, the two couples won exciting vouchers from campaign sponsor Swarna Thai Spa. Eager to know what exactly were their rewards?

Bhuvan and Damini received vouchers worth Rs. 12,000. These vouchers entitled both of them to receive a Body-polishing service (Rs. 3000) and a facial (Rs. 3000), each.12

Ranoo and Vivek received vouchers worth Rs. 5000. These vouchers entitled both of them to receive Aroma therapy (Rs. 2500), each.

Awesome right? Both of the couples owe a big big ‘thank-you’ to you all.

To hand over the vouchers to Damini, Bhuvan, Ranoo and Vivek, and to meet them one more time, we called them to Swarna Thai Spa. Unfortunately, Ranoo and Vivek couldn’t make it.IMG_5904

So while we were waiting for our winning sibling duo to arrive, we took absolute pleasure in cherishing the luxurious ambience of the venue.1415 16 IMG_5812 IMG_5823

The entire mood of the place had a bountiful Thai essence to it, with a lot of traditional Thai figures here and there.32 1

Right at the entrance was a magnificent statue of Buddha. It is said that Buddha is considered to be a symbol of peace. 13Quite aptly, the surroundings emanated that peaceful aura, just what a person would want to feel while availing Spa services.


Also, we got a chance to chat with the naturotherapist associated with Swarna Thai Spa, Dr. Anand Nandwani. 19He told us that the products used for spas and therapies at Swarna Thai Spa were all derived from natural ingredients such as Canola oil, Grapeseed oil, aloe vera, etc., and were absolutely chemical free. When asked about the importance of spa, here’s what he had to say:20

“People often have a misconception that spas are only meant for middle and old age people. That is not true. A spa can and should be availed by a person of any age. It enhances the blood circulation within one’s body and relaxes a person. Spas also go a long way in naturally healing a lot of health-related issues such as cardio problems, diabetes, muscle pain, etc.”

Just as this conversation was going on, Damini and Bhuvan entered. We congratulated them on being the winners of JWB’s Rakhi Challenge, and their expressions were pretty amusing, as always. Have a look:


On this playful glimpse of this sibling duo’s lovely bond, we wrap up the Rakhi Challenge. Stay glued for your daily doze of fun and empowerment!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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