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Curtain Raiser: JWB Visits Kishori To Watch The Making Of She Bag!

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  •  March 1, 2016


Marking the International Women’s Day, in association with Kishori Jaipur, we wish to empower Jaipur women by killing the menstruation taboos that hold them back. We’re designing and distributing colourful bags to various pharmacy stores across Jaipur, to replace the black polyethene that is used to cover sanitary napkins.

After the completion of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of selecting the design from the proposed fashion sketches for the new sanitary bags, we are on Stage 3 i.e. manufacturing of our campaign Bloody Black Bag.

JWB raided the Kishori workshop to catch-up on the Making of the She Bag. Oh yeah!

Here’re some glimpses of behind the scenes.

Nikhil explained how every tailor is assigned to different elements of the She Bag.IMG_5827

One was cutting the cloth with accurate measurements.IMG_5864

Other was stitching the lace,


Another was making the handle of the bag.IMG_5837


Me: Have you told them the initiative behind this bag?

Nikhil: Yes, I explained why we are creating this bag. At first, they didn’t completely understand the concept and were just shyly nodding. The main reason for sharing it was to broaden their perspectives and clear away their coyness on this subject.

That’s a great thought, right?

Nikhil was showing us that how with this initiative their waste cloth materials are being put to use.IMG_5880


We also spotted some women workers at the workshop and couldn’t resist asking what they thought about this cause.IMG_5873

They were too shy and uncomfortable at first. I realised then that the taboo associated with the subject of menstruation is rooted deep within. And, it will take many such efforts to totally abolish the shame and secrecy attached.

Ankita, Nikhil’s wife, explained once again to them that it’s a natural thing that happens to every girl and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

As we were bidding goodbye, satisfied that our She Bag is being crafted carefully to perfection, Ankita added:

“This campaign will require a long-term commitment in order to renounce the taboo. Replacing black bag with the colourful ones is to shine light upon the truth that has been stalled and shunned away in the dark for too long.”IMG_5857

Hmmm, well my mind went into imagination mode, I saw a boxing ring, Black Bag vs. She Bag. She Bag wins the battle; the Black bag is floored and bleeding (pun intended), and The Pad comes out of the Bloody Black Bag and walks towards the She Bag. Happy & Rejoicing!

Stay tuned for the final stage where we’ll distribute the colourful bags to the pharmacies and bid a joyous goodbye to the B3. Bloody Black bag, silly!

Sanchit Sethi

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