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  •  May 29, 2014


No matter where you go when you travel, you’ll need to eat at some point. But with some destinations, eating can rightly be put on your “to-do” list. So here is our small Food-guide for you from cities across the globe!

1.  When you go to BERLIN, you have to try the CURRYWURST. (veg.)
Typical German sausage gets a kick from ketchup infused with curry and paprika.


2.  When you go to CHIANG MAI, you have to try the KHAO SOI. (veg.)
Crunchy fried noodles are the highlight of this curry-esque stew, the signature dish of this city in northern Thailand.


3.  When you go to FIJI, you have to try the KOKODA. (non-veg.)
Raw flaky fish in coconut cream. Lick it like smooth ice cream out of a coconut shell.


4.  When you go to SWEDEN, you have to try the SEMLA. (veg.)
These Swedish marzipan and whipped cream filled cardamom buns are traditionally served on Fat Tuesday. Nowadays they are happily eaten as often!


5.  When you go to SRI LANKA, you have to try the KOTTU. (veg.)
A Sri Lankan comfort food that mixes chopped roti, spices, and fried veggies. Paper-thin bread is the base for this spicy fried rice-ish mashup.


6.  When you go to GREECE, you have to try the MOUSSAKA. (non-veg.)
A classic Greek   recipe made by layering eggplant with a spiced meat filling and topping it off with a delicious creamy bechamel sauce which is baked.


7.  When you go to THE NETHERLANDS, you have to try the STROOPWAFELS. (veg.) The name literally means “syrup waffle.” They were invented in the Dutch city of Gouda when a baker made a waffle out of crumbs and then filled it with syrup.


8.  When you go to JAPAN, you have to try the SUSHI. (veg./non-veg.)
While there are scores of different varieties your typical sushi will have a core of meat morsels (usually seafood) and a vegetable or two, wrapped in white rice and then wrapped in a sheet of  ‘nori’ (toasted seaweed).


9.  When you go to QUEBEC, you have to try the POUTINE. (veg.)
One Reddit user reports trying to re-create the dish with McDonald’s fries and cheese curd she ordered online. As you might guess, it wasn’t the same.


10.  When you go to AUSTRALIA, you have to try the MEAT PIE. (non-veg.)
The Aussies further differentiated themselves from England by tweaking the traditional pastry pie. Filled with meat and gravy, you’ll see meat pies at sporting events.

meat pie

11.  When you go to MALAYSIA you have to try the CHAR KWAY TEOW. (veg./non-veg.) The noodle dish is hot in Singapore and other cities, but the version in Penang, Malaysia leaves people stunned.


 12.  When you go to LIMA, you have to try the CEVICHE. (non-veg). You might expect ceviche from somewhere more tropical, but there’s a whole street of top-notch cevicherias in the capital of Peru that dish up delicious mixes of fish.


13.  When you go to MOROCCO, you have to try the TAGINE. (veg./non-veg.)
Named after the pot in which it’s cooked (and often served), tagine is a savory stew slow-roasted over coals.


14.  When you go to THE PHILIPPINES, you have to try the CHICKEN INASAL. (non-veg.) Yes, it’s grilled chicken. But in Bacolod, this is no ordinary grilled chicken.


15.  When you go to SINGAPORE, you have to try the CHICKEN RICE. (non-veg.)
Now this is something we could easily devour. ???????????????????????????

16.  When you go to MEXICO, you have to try the TOSTADA. (veg). A Tostada is basically a flat tortilla that has been fried and hardened until crunchy.Tostadas can be as simply as adding refrained beans, Mexican crema and some queso fresco.


17.  When you go to PARIS, you have to try the MACARONS & PANCAKES. When in France, do as the Frenchies do.


Any other city that you have traveled and loved its food? Let us know in the comments below!

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