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Crossbook & crossword with two Jaipur Women

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  •  January 10, 2015


Meeting random people and talking to them is one of the best things we human can do. This week, we have gone to Jaipur’s Crossword library and said hello to a woman sitting in a corner reading a book.

DSC_0017“What are you reading?”

“Umm…you are?”

“Oh sorry, we forgot the introduction. We are from Jaipur Women Blog and we are on a search to know what our city women love to read.”

“Hello! My name is Pratibha Joshi and I like your concept very much.”

“Thank you!”


“I am reading this Cookery book, it has recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and all the yummy deserts you can think of.”

“Sounds delicious go on.”

We sat on the carpet just in front of Pratibha wanting to know all about her reading interest.

DSC_0030Pratibha – I read only cookery books for an obvious reason…

JWB – That you love cooking.


Pratibha – Yes. These days I am exploring dessert recipes from around the globe.

JWB – Have you tried making some?

“Mumma bakes good cakes. Me and my friends love her cakes.”

DSC_0047This was little 9 yrs old Ashika, Pratibha’s daughter. Like mother, she was also reading something.

JWB – What are you reading, Ashika?

Ashika – Geronimo Stilton.

JWB – Whoa! Tell more.


Ashika – He writes stories on adventures. I like them.

JWB – So no fairy-tale books for you. Great!

Pratibha – She has been reading Ruskin Bond and Geronimo since an early age. She enjoys reading them with her elder brother.


JWB – Wow Ashika, and you have so many books beside you.

Ashika – I am taking them home.

JWB – Pratibha, will you buy this book in your hands?


Pratibha – Umm…not really. I was just going through it. I love the pictures in it, quite tempting.

JWB – No doubt. The cheese cake seems scrumptious.


Pratibha – Strangely, I buy cookery books that have stunning food pictures, a good quality of paper used and a beautiful font.

JWB – Your way?

Pratibha – Absolutely my personal way of judging the books. (laughs)

JWB – We will take it as a tip! 

As we bid the mother-daughter goodbye, we bumped into Mrs. Lalita Daderwal with her 11 yr old son Aditya. She was carrying the Crossword’s carry bag with lots of books in it. That got us curious.

DSC_0061JWB – Hello! So many books, do you read a lot?

Lalita – I do but these are for my son and niece.

JWB – Mind showing some?

We checked out their shopping bag and found out the various kids’ authors there. What we loved was, all the books in her bag proved to be good for children’s growth – adventures, fun and knowledge.


Lalita – It is very important to make kids read. Since I am a lecturer, he has seen me with books since an early age. When he was small, I used to bring him books and that made him develop interest in particular writers. Hence. he got time to choose his favorite story-teller, now he knows what he wants to pick from the bookstore.

JWB – Oops, and there are horror stories as well!

Aditya – I LOVE horror stories.


JWB – Aren’t you scared?

Aditya – They are thrilling and fun because in the end the good wins over the bad. It’s inspiring in some way.

JWB – ahan! And Lalita, what are you picking for yourself?


Lalita – I am more into biographies. Recently I have completed reading ‘Gudiya Bheetar Gudiya’ by Manu Bhandar.

JWB – What inspired you in it?

Lalita – The never giving-up spirit of the main protagonist. The book is in Hindi.


JWB – Is it that you prefer Hindi writers more?

Lalita – No, I read a lot of Stephen Hawkings too! 

DSC_0069Wow, what a versatile woman! She is blessed with the bright mind that can understand universal science and the empathizing heart that can feel pain in someone’s personal biography.

Do you love reading? Share with us something about your favorite book like these women.

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