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Creative ideas for Diwali Candles Stock

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  •  October 28, 2014


How was your Diwali celebration? Lots of crackers, decorations, cuisines, desserts…and gifts?

During Diwali we exchange gifts. From every loved one’s home, we get at least one gift box. Lesser are those times when you get a gift you can use like a culinary set, a watch, a clock or jewelry. Because most of the times the gift is either a sweet box or candles! While you can eat and distribute the sweets, the stock of candles seem difficult to handle. Don’t worry, check below how you can use it in a creative manner.

  • The small floating candles can be used for décor in everyday life. Just get some glass jars, fill them with water and green petals. Then put the floating candle in it. You can fill few jars with sand too. Put this creation in the garden under the plants or hang them on the branches to make the place look more beautiful.

garden 1

  • Candles other than floating candles can be used too. You can dress up these candles in various outfits using wallpaper, printed tissue papers or crochet. If not these, stick your tiny colorful bindis or sequins on the candle surface. Put few such dressed candles near the book shelf just as a display.

dressed candle 2

  • The bathroom is phenomenal & candles can give it a perfect touch. They will set a distinctly relaxing & romantic tone.


  • Get beautiful candleholders and then hung them from the walls near dining table. Sure to give the space a regal look. And if not designer holders, how about them?


  • Lastly, everyone loves candle-lit dinners. Put a small table on the roof or in the garden. Food for two and a candle will recreate the magic. Surprise him!

candle lit dinner

So here are your tips to keep the Diwali spirit alive in your home even after the festival. Have more ideas in mind? Share with us!

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