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Himanshu Roy

IWB Blogger

‘Cover Up’: Girls Living Alone Will Definitely Relate To This Video

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  •  November 28, 2015


Imagine invisible eyes prying on your body everyday as you walk down the streets, take a cab or get out of office a bit late. It might appear a tad bit exaggerated, but this sense of being watched is something that women in this country will identify with.

Now imagine hearing their thoughts aloud as they enter a cab, try to ignore the stare of the driver or walking down the aisle of a supermarket with seemingly nondescript people suddenly appearing predatory from the greedy glint of their eyes.

This is what prompted Mumbai-based designer Roshnee Desai to create a video called Cover Up, which follows a woman taking a ride back home late, and the thoughts playing inside her mind.

Desai says that our society has traditionally told women that she is always being watched by drooling libido filled eyes, dissecting her dress, character and body.

Desai says that she managed to shrug off these inhibitions after she went to London and saw how their society is much different from us and women there don’t have to suffer from this ordeal of being afraid every other step, thinking that the man in front of her might turn out to be a sexual offender.

After her stint in London, Desai managed to stop the voices in her head from dictating her the fact that everyone is watching her in every step.

And perhaps the most appropriate occasion of releasing this video?

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that comes on November 25, which is supported by the United Nations.

And how does Desai want her video to be successful?

She feels that once people see the video, they will start questioning these age old inhibitions and sayings that make a woman a puppet of the voice in her head, giving rise to a number of insecurities. She hopes that Cover Up could be one step forward to let themselves free from these fears.

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