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Couple Fulfilled The Last Wish Of Their 4 Y.O. Daughter Who Wanted To Be Their ‘Flower Girl’

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  •  October 11, 2017


Jacob Skarratts and Tania Miller decided to tie the knot in 2018 in the presence of their four-year-old daughter Paige. The whole family was excited to see her as the couple’s flower-girl. However, their dreams got shattered the moment they learned she was suffering from an incurable brain cancer.

To make their little girl’s dream come true, the couple decided to prepone their wedding. Tania said Paige, whose cancer cannot be treated, “had such excitement about us getting married”. She told Gold Coast Bulletin, “Every time we would see people she’d say ‘My mummy and daddy are getting married and I’m going to be a flower girl.’ We were planning this big wedding next year that I thought would be perfect but this was beyond perfect.”

And so, the couple arranged for an intimate wedding last week in front of about 30 close friends and family members at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital where little Paige is admitted.

Jacob’s sister, Innez Stonnell, said, “I had people phoning to say what they had done. My sister’s best friend is a cake maker. One of the mums from Paige’s kindy works for a wedding coordinator and organized all the decorations and music. We pulled the wedding together for $1000 and it was the most magical night ever.”

To help the family with the expenses as they have taken a temporary break from their respective jobs to spend time with their daughter, GoFundMe page has been set up. The page’s description reads – “I know they are the type of people to do it on their own, but I want them to know that everyone genuinely means it when they have said they will help in any way they can.” So far, more than $46,000 has been raised.

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