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Counselor Prof RSS Mani gives honest advice to parents of students

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  •  May 29, 2015


Prof RSS Mani, Human Resources Consultant & Management Educator, the eminent career counselor, came up with some valuable advice for parents of schoolchildren. We just couldn’t help sharing it, as it is so prudent and timely. 

Here what the Respectable Professor writes:

I vividly recall the yesteryears when career planning was deceptively simple- if you got good marks then you went into the science stream, if you got average marks then you did commerce, and if you didn’t qualify for both, then you were left with arts- the last choice. Thankfully, over the past three decades, the scene has drastically changed for the better; at times, getting into a good arts college is more difficult than getting into a science college.

Caution should be exercised by parents, who should not force careers of their choice, such as medicine or law, upon their children. It is here that a vocational or a career choice test could be of great use to determine the future plan of studies. The advantage of going to counsellors is that they give a dispassionate opinion based on the facts of the case and the best possible options.

There is an ongoing debate whether the child should continue studies in the CBSE or ICSE pattern or join a junior college under the HSC domain. While there is no correct answer to this question, I believe that going to a junior college is very conducive to the overall personality development of the student. Further many parents scramble to enroll their wards into coaching classes even before the results and allotment of the college; this is perhaps because of the acute peer pressure that both the students and parents go through. But I would recommend that enrollment into classes should be done judiciously so that it can help the student to perform better in the competitive exams to follow.

Caution must also be exercised in choosing the college; many students prefer to go to the college that all their friends would be joining, notwithstanding other factors that deserve more emphasis.

We loved this advice, simply because it is very honest. It says parents to stop panicking, to stop forcing children to live the life of their dreams, to give them space and freedom to realize their future path, and give them power of responsibility to widen up the scale of wings. Sounds crazy? But this is only the right way of parenting in this situation.

In the thick and hot of the admission season, tell us about the best career advice you have received to cope with the intense times.

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