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Cooking with Manju Nowlakha: munching-lunching tasty Khow Suey

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  •  January 8, 2015


“Cookery books and Google are my teachers.”

Mrs. Manju Nowlakha loves cooking, and this passion lets her explore cuisines from round the world in her kitchen. Roti-sabzi, daal-chawal are not the regular meals of her family, but Mexican, Italian, Thai food cooked in the healthiest way, are. When we got to know about it, we self-invited us for lunch.


JWB – What will you cook for us, Manju?

Manju – Burmese.

JWB – Wow, this country has something special to offer, because generally restaurants don’t offer Burmese food!

Manju – You will be surprised today. I wanted to serve you what you might not have tasted before.

JWB – We’re excited.

Manju – Even my son is. I will surprise him when he is home for lunch.

JWB – No more suspense, what exactly are you making?

Manju – Khow Suey. It’s a soup but so many vegetables and noodles make it a whole meal.

 JWB – Let’s get going.

DSC_0116 DSC_0121


Manju – Ingredients you need for 4 servings are:

For paste – Galagal (Thai ginger), lemongrass, kaafir lime leaves, red chili, coriander, cumin.

For curry – 5 tetra packs of coconut milk, chopped onions, salt to taste, turmeric powder, flat rice noodles, boiled veggies like capsicum, carrot, beans.



Manju: Heat the oil and sauté chopped onion till they turn golden. Then add the paste and fry till cooked.


Manju: After that, add the coconut milk.

DSC_0130 DSC_0138

JWB – All 5 packs?

Manju – So, here is a trick. I am pouring only 2 packs in the vessel. I boiled the rest 3 packs with some crushed lemongrass and few petals of kaafir leaves. This will leave the soup with irresistible smell.

DSC_0110 DSC_0124

JWB – Aha, the vapors are helping to spread the magic.




Manju – Well, it’s done. When you are about to eat, add the boiled veggies two minutes before to keep the crunchiness alive.


JWB – And all it took were mere 20 minutes!

Manju – Quick, healthy – and a break from regular food.

JWB – Let’s taste. We can’t wait already.


Manju served the soup in her beautiful bowls, added noodles to it and garnished with peanuts, fried onion and garlic, broccoli and green chili.

JWB – And look at this, a beautiful sight!


Manju – Thank you!

JWB – This dish has many kinds of chilies.


Manju – Depends on your taste. In winters, you can choose to have spicy treat, else add a pinch of lemon juice to balance.

JWB – Manju…

Manju – Yes.

JWB – Do you mind if we come your home once a week for such a scrumptious meal?


Manju (laughs) – I love it when someone admires my food.

JWB – But that might put a lot of pressure on you, especially from the guests who expect out-of-the-world food every time.

Manju – It does. But this also puts pressure on people when we visit them, because now they have to reach a set benchmark.

JWB – Haha, we agree.


Dear readers, did you like Manju’s recipe? Try it in your kitchen and share your thoughts to encourage her further! Xoxo

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