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Cook Ramwati Went Back To School In Her 40s, And Is Now Encouraging Other Dropouts

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  •  December 29, 2017

They say you’re never too old to study. Ramwati from Atrauli lives by this theory.

Fifty-six-year-old Ramwati works as a midday meal cook at the Qazimabad primary school in Atrauli. She has worked with the school for seven years and during her tenure, she took out time to study. Till date, she can read and write upto the level of Class V.

The school’s principal Satya Prakash, appreciating her dedication and ethics, told Hindustan Times, “Ramwati has a deep interest in studies. But what’s also admirable is that she never overlooked her responsibilities as a cook on the pretext of studying. The midday meal is always ready before time.”

She now works as an activist to spread awareness among school dropouts by encouraging them to take up studies again. She is also motivating parents to send their kids to school.

Her efforts have been noticed and applauded by former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh, who said, “This initiative of Ramwati will inspire men and women alike. She must continue her studies.” He also wrote her a congratulatory note with a cash prize of ₹51,000 as an award.

Ramwati will use the money to build up her knowledge. She informed, “I will buy some books. I will also help poor children who are unable to buy copies and books.”

She was also lauded by Qazimabad village’s head Raj Kumar who said that the village was proud of her. “If she desires to continue with further studies, I will help her,” he said.

Thank you for inspiring us, Ramwati!

H/T: Hindustan Times

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