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  •  February 25, 2014


Time Management -> balancing between what you want to do and what is the need to do. When achieved, leads to happiness.

In today’s time you can’t guess who do it better between a working woman and a housewife when it comes to Time Management. All of us want to add one more hour to our day, but if 24 hours seem less to accomplish the task list, we need to become a master of ‘How to use our time efficiently’?

We asked 2 Jaipur women – a housewife and a Government employee – to share their time discipline.

Mrs. Mithlesh Tyagi, Govt.Teacher says: “When you work, time management becomes more difficult. You have to handle job as well as the home responsibilities. Before getting off to the job I have to do my house job also with the same perfection as my workplace. 24 hours seem less when I return back home. Even a sudden addition of work to my day hinders the daily routine. But I believe at the end support from spouse contributes.”

Mrs. Shubita Chhabra, Housewife says: “Being a housewife means you are on wheels the whole day. It doesn’t mean you get to catch on afternoon’s nap. We are a family of 4 including my daughter & Father-in-law. I always have to be multi-tasking & prepared every moment like a warrior in the war. You have to look after the maid (if any) or do it yourself the whole cleaning of home, washing clothes, etc. When you are a housewife, guests feel free to walk in the house. Plus, I have to keep a check on my daughter’s studies as I guide her in all many subjects. Having an elder helps me stay alert to serve him the best I can for his comfort. I am lucky to have my husband’s support throughout.”


Let’s look for the following tips to manage this TIME:

1. No Multi-tasking – multitasking takes more time and causes more stress than simply focusing on one thing at a time. Working exclusively on one task will make you focused & perfect.

2. Make a Priority List – Decide on urgent & important tasks. Also the errands that have the scope of doing later, shift them. It will make you feel calm and less stressed when all your urgent works have been done primarily.

3. Manage the kitchen – This space is the most important one for every woman irrespective of her career. Arrange all cereals, pulses, spices, condiments and other food items in clear, transparent containers in the kitchen & refrigerator. After every dinner immediately plan for the next meal by asking the family members’ choices. This will take just few minutes.

4. Take help of Technology – Invest (with due respect to your finances) in good programmable washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, toaster, computer. Pay bills online as far as possible.

5. No Procrastination – Procrastination is time management’s worst enemy means don’t keep postponing the works for tomorrow. Remember tomorrow never assures less work load. Try doing the work on the spot when given/appears.

6. Assign a time limit – Be disciplined by coming out of your comfort zone. Putting a time limit will keep reminding you that this work must not take exceeding time from you. Always have a calendar & carrying watch with you at home and office to be on time.

7. Share – Don’t shy in asking for help from family and colleagues. At home, you can tell your husband that he is similarly responsible for all those duties given to her. And at work, your friends will never say no!


At the end we want to say one thing – that 24 hours are never less for anyone. We waste much of our time saying ‘I have so much to do today’. When a human really want to do anything, he is capable enough to manage and handle multitasking very well. Stress & worries ruin everything, so keep you cool.

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