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Comedian Aditi Mittal Criticizes Fair & Lovely In The Funniest Manner Possible!

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  •  July 31, 2015

Aditi Mittal is a comedian who describes herself as ‘/3 A-blah Nari. 1/3 Dolly Khurana &1/3 Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke’ on Twitter.

In the morning today, she began tweeting about fairness creams talking about how crazily they are affecting the minds of Indians.

She began with this tweet:

Moving on to these:

She was so irked that she even gave Fair & Lovely few expanding plans…of course sarcastically:


Wondering why all of a sudden she decided to speak on this issue? Here’ the answer straight from her:

Yes, its for a college friend who got bullied because of his/her dark skin tone. Kudos! But you see, Aditi is a sport because:

We feel you, girl!

If you had a good laugh with a clear message, read more of her tweets here.

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