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Coach Of Indian Women’s Hockey Team On High Hopes For The Asian Games

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  •  August 10, 2018

The Indan Women’s Hockey Team showed a wonderful performance reaching the World Cup quarter final, which is the team’s best result in the tournament in 40 years. Alas, the quarter-final match against Ireland went down to the wire and team India lost to Ireland after the 1-3 defeat.

“When you lose in shootouts, it’s very disappointing. It’s better to lose in regular time,” said coach Sjoerd Marijne to Scroll as he added that the team is proud of its result. “They (Ireland) defended really well. The defence was one of the key ingredients for their runners-up finish,” he added.

Coach Marijne had mentioned that reaching the quarter final in the World Cup was the team’s primary target, and he is happy that the team managed to do that. “We did create history [by finishing in the last-eight since 1978]. But the history could have been bigger. That’s why we are disappointed. It’s important now to leave this behind and focus on the Asian Games,” he said.

Speaking of team’s low energy during some phases of the match against Ireland, he cited the pitch to be one of the reasons. “There are no excuses to give. But all teams had problems with it. The pitch was extremely heavy, it was bumpy. If the girls did three-four sprints, they could really feel their legs. I spoke to the other coaches. And, they had the same problem. Sometimes it looked like we didn’t have the energy. But that wasn’t the case always. It was really difficult to score goals because it was difficult to get speed in the ball. That’s why a lot of penalty corners didn’t go in – because it was difficult to get the ball on a good spot from the top of the D with a lot of speed. You have to adjust – we did that very well and I am happy with that.”

He then spoke about the upcoming Asian Games in Jakarta, starting on August 18, from which he has high hopes. Answering if the team needs more aggression, he said, “No. You always have to be realistic and see what was the situation. Yes, we must score more. But I don’t think it’s only about not being aggressive. It’s more about positioning. And, if we have better positioning inside the circle, we will score more goals.”

H/T: Scroll

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