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Children Of This Jaipur School Send Thiiiiis Much Love To Kashmir

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  •  October 7, 2016


Socho k jheelon ka sheher ho, lehron pe apna ek ghar ho…

This song always and only reminds me of Kashmir. Yeah, Preity Zinta wearing that beautiful, decorative head gear and singing romantic songs to Hrithik Roshan!

It’s far from the reality, isn’t it? For the people of Kashmir, the ceasefire is a monotony. Violence is very common. JWB realized that the one thing they needed the most was missing from their environment: Love.

And, you know our magic dust! On the occasion of National Post Day on October 10th, we decided to send love and warmth through a special campaign.

In their Kashmina collectionJewels Of Jaipur showed Kashmir as a treasure and offered to take their initiative further.

Jewels of Jaipur designed beautiful postcards that we could use to send messages to Kashmir. When we arrived at The Palace School to execute the concept, the students didn’t have a concrete clue of what was going to happen.

Ana, our cheerful ball of energy knew how to stir the bunch of disciplined students! All of us got on board to the train of positivity. The kids blew the train’s horn and spoke one positive thing about their school.img_1

My school is the best school in the whole world.

I love my teachers!

My teachers love me that’s why I love my school.

My friends bring tasty food, and so I love my school.

I loved how the positivity revolved around love and food. Accidentally add a bucket of music to it, and that’s my life for you.

Lady Boss, Ana asked the kids, “Who creates World Peace?”img_5

After a lot of answers, one student finally said, “Us.”

It’s so funny, right? We always know the right thing to do, we know what will make things better, but we tend to choose other ways to our destinations. Such is world peace.

Ana continued, “And, how can we bring it into the world?”

We were surprised how quickly we got the answer we were looking for, “Having unity in diversity.”

We indeed know the answers.img_16

The students were soon handed over the Kashmina Collection postcards by JOJ.


Draw, write, compose a poem, whichever way you like, let your love for Kashmir flow through your postcard. Remember, the postcards will reach out to the people who’re constantly in the areas of violence. We’re trying to heal them with our messages. They could be people who are the age of your parents, your grandparents, or maybe even as old as you. img_6

It all began. They took out their pencil colors, drew the Sun, made it shine with their words! The love for Kashmir started flowing.


Many of them were super enthused and wondered who their postcards would be going to.

They wrote messages for Kashmir just the way their parents would comfort them if they were scared of the Boogie Man hiding under their beds. Their messages were pure and straight from the heart.img_2




The Palace School Principal, Mrs. Urvashi Warman joined in. We started another thread of our campaign #SunnZaraKashmir with her. Along with sending a video message to the Kashmiris, she also nominated four of her friends to share their messages for Kashmir.

As the kids said, respect for diversity is the key to World Peace. Let’s all join our hands and send a shout out to Kashmir using the trending hashtag #SunnZaraKashmir, reminding them that we absolutely love them.

Photo Courtesy: Chaveesh Nokhwal

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