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Childhood Tales Of Ranoo and Vivek. Vote Now!

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  •  August 27, 2015

“Back when we were children, every Sunday, we used to have this comic called ‘Lotpot’ delivered at our house. Whoever took it first got to read it first. Often, he used to hide it just so that I would not get to read it.” – Ranoo Srivastav

Meet the first sister-brother duo of JWB’s Rakhi Challenge sponsored by Swarna Medi Spa, Ranoo Srivastav and Vivek Nathany! As the first task of the campaign, umm, challenge, this forty-something couple revisited their childhood and shared their fond memories! Read on, for it is YOU, who will decide the fate of this challenge through voting!

IMG_3044Me: Before we get started, tell me about yourselves!

Vivek: Both of us are jewelry designers; she does more of gold and I do more of silver. She is also an Executive member in Jaipur Club and she has two sons.

Ranoo: He is a year younger to me which is why we have a very good level of understanding. Even my sons are very close to him. We are a very closely knitted family.

I asked them to introduce themselves and they both spoke of each other instead of speaking about themselves. Hmmm…Interesting!

IMG_3102Me: So why did you hide that comic Vivek?

Vivek: Because I loved teasing Didi. Both of us used to wait for Sundays to get our hands on that comic book. And whenever she wasn’t at home, I hid it to annoy her.

Ranoo: Arrey Sunday ko hum paise bhi toh count karte the! Our father owned a petrol pump and back in that time, there used to be coins, panjis and atthis! We used to compete who had more coins!

With bright and shining smiles, they spoke of their childhood!

IMG_3171Vivek: Remember what a cry baby you used to be when it came to having milk in the morning?

Ranoo: Oh God! Yes! We were supposed to have cereal and milk before going to school…

Vivek: … and that was a big big task for all of us because she would throw up every time! She had poor eating habits!

Ranoo: I liked berries, though! I remember he used to climb a tree at his friend’s house and pluck berries and tamarind for me. He is a sweetheart!

IMG_3148For a change, I was the quiet one and they were the ones who did the talking. They were recollecting and brushing each other’s memories and I was listening to their conversation, all ears!

Ranoo: …even today, whenever he comes back from his foreign trips, he gets a suitcase full of the best of clothes, chocolates, perfumes, games, etc., for me and my kids.

Me: So that is something that has been continuing for years. Wow! What else happened in your childhood?

IMG_3065Vivek: She has always been very creative. They taught her to make rakhis in her school. Every year, weeks before raksha bandhan, she used to start brushing the threads and made a personalized rakhi for me. I loved that! I used to wear those rakhis for a very long time!

Ranoo: We would also always keep each other’s secrets. Protected each other!

Vivek: Back then, she was seeing a guy…

Ranoo: …who I am married to now!

Vivek: I kept the whole affair a secret. Pretty difficult task! Speaking of that, I am suddenly reminded of something…

IMG_3141Ranoo: What?

Vivek: (To Ranoo) You had a lot of beautiful friends. You never let me talk to them. And they used to like me and I was just a year younger…

Ranoo (laughing): Come on, you are a part of all my friend circles now!

Me (intrigued and curious): But why not back then?

IMG_3096Ranoo: Hahaha! In those days I guess we automatically assumed that if the girls were elder to him they were supposed to be his sisters!

Vivek: Back then, she was very bossy too, you know? She wanted things to go her way!

Ranoo (excitedly): Oh, oh! Remember how we used to fight about who will switch off the light?

IMG_3191Both of them chuckled and it seemed to me like a funny remembrance of their past echoed in their minds simultaneously.

Vivek: Both of us were too lazy to get up and turn off the lights…

Ranoo: So we would pretend to be asleep… and when mom or dad came in the night around 1 or 2 a.m. in our room to check, they would turn off the light. And we’d still be pretending to be asleep!

Me: Clever kids you both were! *Grins*

IMG_3194Vivek: I remember us watching English TV shows together. Yes Minister, Black Family…

Both: Different Strokes!

And I was absolutely out of depth here.

Ranoo: Hahaha. And Here is Lucy, those were classic shows. We watched them together.

Ranoo: Now that we are talking of our childhood, so many things are rushing to my mind! I remember, during winters, as soon as he went out of the house, I used to attack his wardrobe and wear his sweaters!

Vivek: She loved wearing those baggy-fit sweaters!

IMG_3071Ranoo (with gleaming eyes): Those were the days! Whenever I think of those times, I wish dearly that his health be as fine as it used to be.

Vivek experiences some pain in the legs and has trouble walking.

Ranoo: Being a sister, I feel like a mother to him…

Vivek: We want to be each other’s strength. Always.

IMG_3272They looked at each other and smiled. The kind of smile which comes to one’s face when they are overwhelmed with emotions!

Help this brother-sister duo win the beauty therapy voucher from Swarna Medi Spa by voting for them. They compete against Damini and Bhuvan. Hurry! The clock has already started ticking!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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