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Childhood Tales Of Damini And Bhuvan. Vote Now!

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  •  August 27, 2015

(At Damini and Bhuvan Gaur’s residence)

Me: …Like I said, this campaign is a Rakhi Special Challenge and there are four tasks in it. The winning duo wins a beauty therapy voucher from Swarna Medi Spa.

Bhuvan: Do I look like I would go for a spa?

Damini: You look like someone who is in desperate need of a Spa!

Me (laughing): Am I not the angel here? Giving you both the perfect opportunity to win yourselves exciting spa coupons! So, as your first task, you have to narrate your goofy childhood incidences.

25Looks like I forgot to introduce you all to our twenty-something brother-sister duo! Meet Damini and Bhuvan Gaur, the second couple contesting in this challenge! While you relish their childhood tales, don’t forget that YOU all get to decide the champion of the game through voting!

Damini: Back in our childhood, I was the brother and he was the sister! Kids in the park used to beat him and I used to go and slaughter them, thereby saving Chunnu!

7Bhuvan (aka Chunnu): That’s because she was a saaand! Her superpower was that of John Cena. Bachho ko patak ke baith jati thi unpe!

Me: LOL! Really?

Bhuvan: Yep! But I’ve never been a good brother. Maine hamesha ise marvaya hai, pitvaya hai, fasaya hai. I always used to be like: Make mummy papa happy. They are Gods. If they are impressed, they’ll make your life awesome. So, back when we were kids, whenever she was seeing a guy, or whenever she was upto something fishy, I told dad about it. And then she was scolded!

Me: But how did you come to know what she was up to?

Bhuvan: Mai bachpan se James Bond tha. And this was my playground. When she would roam around and speak on the cordless phone, my detective mind would start working. I used to switch on mom’s fm transistor and hear her conversations! And she was always stunned how I came to know everything.

4Me: How evil of you!

Damini: This was just so that he gets nice things to eat. He is one bhukkad insaan!

Me: Didn’t you ever take your revenge?

Damini: You know what, whenever he does anything, I always support him. Because I am not like him! I want him to have the bliss of jawani.

2DDLJ’s famous dialogue “Ja simran jee le apni zindagi” came to my mind.

Bhuvan: I agree.

9And Damini went into a moment of utter shock hearing this!

Damini: I never felt like taking revenge because this poor chap was always a victim of his own deeds! (Chuckling) Remember those little plastic beads? He took a red one and inhaled it. It got stuck in his nose.

10Bhuvan: Mom was using the sewing machine. I saw this bead on the edge and I thought it was tooty fruity. So, I smelled it and it went inside.

Damini: See his bhookhad nature? (She gave in to fits of laughter and mocked at him.)

Bhuvan: But I didn’t cry or anything…

Damini: Oh yes! The most epic thing! He went to mom with a dumb expression, and he didn’t cry!

3Bhuvan: I’ll tell you something! When we were little, I once suffered from jaundice and typhoid simultaneously. I was certified to die! Because medication of jaundice was against medication of typhoid and vice versa… and this madam, she was having the time of her life!

1Damini: Hahahaha! That was super-fun! Everybody used to be at the hospital! I was at home with my grandmom and both of us used to play rammi! I was in 5th standard and no one could beat me at rammi then!

Bhuvan: Bhai mar raha hai hospital me aur behen rammi khel ri thi. Aloo ka halwa, aloo ki kachori, what not was made for her!

12Damini: …that is why I am like an aloo now! But every day in the hospital, he was given new games, puzzles, toys! We still have them lined up in our collection!

Bhuvan: Dekho jiska koi nahi hota na uska bhagwaan hota hai. Mata pita bhagwaan saman.

Damini: By the way, speaking of aloo, hear what this idiot did once! You’ve seen those potato graters used for making chips and fries? This idiot slid his finger inside that!

5Bhuvan: And lo and behold! There was blood! Lots of it. *Facepalms*

Damini: See? Nature was itself taking my revenge!

Bhuvan: Huh! She is no less! There was this one time, she was sent to the upper terrace to check the water level in the tank. And there was a bamboo ladder to that terrace. So, Janaab, chadh toh gayi ye, par utarna ata nahi tha! And intelligent that she is, she didn’t even call anybody for help! Bam! There was a loud noise!

19Meanwhile Damini laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Bhuvan: … So, dad and I went up hurriedly, worried what the noise was! We climbed the stairs and saw madam sitting on her backside making weird expressions! She had jumped from the upper terrace to the lower terrace!

Damini: But, I didn’t have any fracture or any major injury! See? I was HULK!

Bhuvan: Khalli thi ye!

Damini: Arrreyyyy! Chunnu! Remember that incident? Masi ki shaadi wala?

Bhuvan: No Jiji! Noooooo! Please don’t!

17One expressed anxiety and one laughed hysterically! Meanwhile, I scratched my head!

Damini: It was our Masi’s wedding. And we must be in 4th-5th grade. Remember how parents dressed up little kids in that weird way… lehenga above the sweater. So we were dressed up like that and then there were our elder college-going cousins who were looking all handsome, applying gel in their hair.

Bhuvan: No Jijiiiii!

Damini: Remember those blue glue bottles? Ye Mahashay! He got that bottle, the bigger one, went to the washroom and applied the glue on his hair assuming it to be gel. He applied lots of it! LOTS OF IT.

Bhuvan: Basically, ten times the normal amount of gel that we apply to our hair. My hands were all sticky and I couldn’t open the bathroom door.

Damini: The poor chap’s hair was hard. The glue had dried.

21Okay. So now it was our turn to laugh hysterically.

Damini: …so there was the bride on one hand, getting all dressed, and then there was Chunnu on the other hand, being given the special bath with milk, hot water, and what not!

Me: Oh my god! Did it become fine?

Bhuvan: It did. With lots of intervention. It did.

Me: You guys have had quite an adventurous childhood, I must say!

18Bhuvan: We are poles apart. Mai chipak gaya! Ye kudh gayi! See?

Damini: But, today we cover each other. We are each other’s best friends now!

Bhuvan: Yep! Once she cried and told me: ‘You saved my childhood. Saved me from those filthy guys jo ‘tere naam’ movie jaise baal banate the.’

Damini: But he has never ever gifted me anything on rakhi.

Bhuvan: I will kill you! You forgot that stick pen 8 rupees wala that I had gifted you once!

8Damini: Ye sirf mujhe dua me hi yaad rakh sakta hai! Kuch acha gift nahi karega ye!

Me: Well, this Raksha Bandhan, he might just get you the spa coupon as a gift if you guys win this challenge!

Help this brother-sister duo compete against Ranoo and Vivek by voting for them. Hurry! The clock has already started ticking!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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