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Child Prodigy Tenith Tells Us How A Toy Breaker Turned Into A First Class Innovator

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  •  November 14, 2017

This Children’s Day IWB unveils the stories of children prodigies, who escalated to great heights even before their milk teeth paved the way for teenage. 

We track their after-fame journey and how their remarkable talents have redefined terms of success and passion.

Tenith Adithyaa, now 19, was one of those budding talents, who received an IGNITE Award 2013. We talked to him about the aftermaths of becoming a child entrepreneur. Till now, Tenith has had a surreal journey in which he holds 1 Guinness World Record, 2 attempts at Guinness World Records, 17 International Awards, 10 National Awards and 10 State Prizes.

What is your first memory of romance with science?

Quiet unromantic! (laughs) At the age of 8, I started breaking toys to remake them. My first science experiment was when I wanted to multiply the energy source from a single source of energy.

(My uncomfortable coughing signaled him that I had just zoned out.) 

For example, if you’re trying to charge a mobile, my project would charge three mobiles from a single source!

I wouldn’t like to be your toy!

(laughs) From one toy I went down to make more than 10 toys. Then I thought if I had made toys then why can’t I make something else? My first invention was about preserving Banana Leaves. Naturally, leaves don’t stay firm for a long time. My technology made sure that we preserve them for nearly a year so that we can use them to replace plastic plates.



What is science for you?

Science for me is creativity! Science throws up challenges, and I like to face them. And all of it is worthwhile; not just for me but for everyone. I always wanted to do things which hold some meaning, through which I can contribute to the society. I don’t want to leave the world as I came; I want to make it a better place.

When I see a problem, it makes me angry. I can’t sit idly until I solve it. I am not saying that I’ll save the world or something, but I will definitely try my best.img_1

And what happened to the banana leaf project?

Actually, we are looking for investors. It’s not on the market yet. It needed a lot of approvals for human testing. We have done that too. Also, the research work keeps me quite busy, and I am still a student while running two companies at the moment!

Wow! That’s pretty amazing, tell me more?

Through Tenith Innovation, we focus on various things like, first of all, making education system a lot more creative, doing research and development, and working on new technology. Our company has made India’s First Autogenous Deep Intelligence system that is similar to artificial intelligence. What is new about our product that it can self-synthesize. It means that this system can choose a favorite color or a favorite number, without any human input. The benefit of such technology is that it can create software on its own.

Just 4 months back we made a fighting game in AI, and it has been named in The Guinness World Records on 10th October, this year.

Outstanding! What do you think is the future of the Artificial Intelligence, and what do you think will be the future of humanity?

If we apply AI in the current market, it will make 200 companies absolute. For example, 10 people are working on making software now, with AI only 1 person will be required. It’s true that the unemployment will rise, but it can’t be stopped. It’s like the industrial revolution, AI revolution is inevitable. It can either be a good slave or a bad enemy!


What keeps you focused?

When I started my journey at 8, I was full of doubts. I used to tell myself, Tenith man, you can just try. And efforts get addictive. And, when you see results, you become hungrier.

What kind of infrastructure and support do you think should be given to young prodigies like yourself?

It’s more about parents and family supporting you. I just want parents to let the kid go and follow his dreams. I want our society to allow more freedom of creativity.

I was often termed as a weird kid, the one who was not in the groups and parties. I somehow could manage to get out of all these things unhurt, but most people can’t, they are bullied in schools and colleges. I want people to accept that we are all different.

How was your experience at Rashtrapati Bhavan?

After I represented India at the Global Science Fair, I found myself in the limelight. My stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan and all the fame had changed my perspective towards things. Earlier I wanted to be a Global citizen, now I realized that our country needs young people to create a difference, and by serving my country, I’ll be serving the world and also humanity. My country is my priority.


Have these achievements helped you in your academics?

No! Not at all, as I am always doing things which are pretty different from college or school education, I had to study extra. Time becomes a constraint, always.

If you had to give one message to a younger self, what would that be?

Enjoy your success. I never enjoyed my success. I was always trying to focus on the next possible goal.

Lastly, I read in an interview that you’re fond of Birds and Coin collection. Is that true?

Till now I have tamed nearly 40 birds. It requires nearly three to four months, to befriend a bird. Also, there are 20,000 coins in my collection from different ages and from different countries. When I hold my coins, I feel I am holding history.

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