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Child Inventors, Anand Gangadharan And Mohak Bhalla, Reflect On Coaching Years That Left Their Project Shelved For A While

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  •  November 14, 2017


This Children’s day, we engaged with child prodigies who inked their name in the list of Wonder Kids with their groundbreaking feats. But ever wondered what these geniuses, blessed with determination and zeal, are up to? Did their discoveries go on to attain even greater heights? Well, curiosity is no sin, why not know a little something about their after fame journey?

It was the year 2014, and two fifteen-year-olds developed a device that enabled a shoe to charge a mobile phone while walking. ‘Whoa!’ Right? So young yet blessed with overwhelming talent. This genius duo was Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Bhalla, both students of south Delhi’s Mount Carmel school, had invented a compact attachment, which, when attached to the heel of the shoe, would automatically act as a portable mobile charger.

It is almost 2018, but the unbelievable accomplishment of these kid inventors refused to leave the corners of my restless mind. So here it is, a conversation between a curious blogger and two 18-year-olds who are all ready to surprise us again!

Your shoe charger was one of its kind. Did you manage to take your project further?

We were in class 10th at the time, and after that, the coaching classes snowballed onto our schedule. We rarely had any time left to pursue the project as our studies demanded our undivided attention.

Even though we were approached by sponsors who asked to collaborate with us to take the prototype further, it just couldn’t happen.

Children's Day

They named their creation as ‘Walkie Mobi Charger,’ which would charge the battery up to 40% at a time compared to the 25% percent of a normal charger. Healthy AND you save up on the electricity bills  – a win-win situation obviously! But these shining stars couldn’t, unfortunately, pursue their project further because such is the education system. Isn’t it time we do something about it?

But even the prototype was pretty amazing! Why haven’t we seen this innovative masterpiece of yours in the market?

People are praising us, but we want to transform it in a way that we could truly accept all the appreciation. And when we have it – time and capital – we’re going to hit that mark!

My wishes are with you! But do tell, how did becoming young inventors help you out in your career?

We figured out very early in life what our true passion is. It kind of helped us choose the career we would excel in because we were given free rein to explore our options.

Being kid inventors, you both are well aware of the support and infrastructure that helps a kid to excel in his attempts.

Mohak: The first and foremost thing a kid requires is complete support from their family. You know I was this crazy kid who was into circuits from 5th -6th class. There was this robotics club at my school, and they made sure that my desire to join it was fulfilled. In 10th when I was doing the project, many had zero faith in it ever working, but my family was all ears. My and Anand’s family were the ones who readily funded the project.

Anand: The next thing is the teacher’s support. Thankfully, our teachers never asked us to restrict ourselves to a particular boundary, we were allowed to delve into different prospects.

You both were so engrossed in your project, does it ever feel like that you missed out on your teenage years?

Well, first of all, we were totally in love with what we were doing. We don’t regret something as such but what we missed out on spending time with our friends. Going out, having fun with them is something we rarely did.

Imagine if you could go back in time and talk to your 14-year-old self, what is that one message you would give to yourself?

Anand: Don’t get into the regular regime of studies, also do everything else you want to. I was very much taken by the dramatics, but for the trap of education, it remained just a dream.

Mohak: Expand your limits, you don’t know what wonders you’re capable of!

If only we could build this time machine! But looks like your friendship needs no advice, still going strong, are we?

We have been friends from class 2nd and became best buddies in Class 8th. Even though now we’re in different states, I am dropping a year to pursue my JEE MAINS Advance, and Anand is doing his Btech in CSC, our friendship has only grown. It rarely happens that we don’t talk to each other every single day!

Children's Day


Five years from now, what do you see yourself doing?

Mohak: It all depends on how hard I work to realize my dreams. If all goes according to plan, then I see myself holding a degree and probably establishing my own company!

Anand: I would like to see myself working in a good company before I go for further studies.

Any future plans for your shoe charger?

Yep! That’s the part we are sure about! Once Mohak gets settled in a college, and we would be having our semester breaks, we’re hoping to devote time to our invention, and we are kinda sure that it’ll fare out really well because we now have more years to add as experience.

Good Luck!

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