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Chennai guy will have 365 dates this year. And it is not what you think!

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  •  April 23, 2015

Sunder Ramu  is a fashion photographer and actor. He plans to go out on 365 dates this year and has already been to 110 of them till now. And now you will see how beautiful his plan is!He has one condition: women must take him out on the date and pay for their meal together or, they can also cook for the occasion.

“I was getting too comfortable being alone, which scared me. I decided that I was going to explore life and meet more and more people. Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates,” says the ace photographer. 

The youngest women who took him out on a date was a 21-year-old, whereas his oldest date till now was a 105-year-old woman in a village near Pondicherry.

“I drove for ten hours, to and from her village, just to be with her,” says Sunder, who hails from Bengaluru. 

Sunder with Chandra

He’s gone out on a date with Chandra who collects garbage in his building, and the two ate a simple meal, that she had cooked, sitting on top a sewage tank where she eats her meals regularly.

Sunder had a meal with Shreya Sharan, the actress. Singer and RJ Suchitra Karthik Kumar also went out on a date with him.

A date with Suchitra

Actress Aishwariya prepared for him cupcakes!

Krishnaveni sells tender coconut and seasonal fruits.

Sunder does not use his camera, as he believes this would make the conversation tensed and artificial. All photos he clicks with his mobile phone. At the end of each month he goes to an NGO and sponsors a meal for all the residents of the home which they all eat together.

Sunder has also plans to launch a book about his adventure so far and is also working on a script for a film around it. Sunder says, “No two dates are the same and I am glad about it.” 

“Yes. There are days that I have too much work or when I am exhausted or I don’t want to meet anybody. On those days I do not keep any plans. I do not want the experience to be a forced one. But such days are rare,” he says.

A date however is not just limited to going out for a meal. They can go for walks, shopping or any other activity they want to before or after the meal.

“One of the women who took me out on a date took me fishing in Chennai,” says Sunder, adding that he has till now gone out on dates in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.

Oh, dear Sunder, how about coming to Jaipur! JWB Team extends you the official invitation. And we are truly inspired with the way you tackle the loneliness and portray relationships with a woman – so beautiful and delicate! How it is refreshing to see a man on a date with a very different motto!

P.S. We are very serious about this invitation.



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