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ChEATing Scrumptious Breakfast With The “Taks”!

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  •  November 28, 2015


We have moved forward towards phase three of ChEAT With Aditi. You know how it goes, but still, allow me refresh your memory!

Quick Recap

We met Karan and Ruhi Tak along with their cute little daughter Hemashree. The Taks told us about their regular diet, and our Dietician Aditi Mehrotra carried out a detailed analysis about it! Ruhi takes Zumba lessons and tries to keep a check on what goes into the tummies of her family! Last week, we went grocery shopping with Ruhi, her mother-in-law and Hemashree. We got a good analysis on their purchase by Aditi, and now it’s time for some healthy breakfast!

On empty stomachs, the photographer and I made our way to the Tak Villa. As their kitchen is under construction, the gas stove, cylinder, and somewhat every daily kitchen item has been moved out in the dining area.


We met Karan’s father for the first time, and could tell that he loved eating. That quality sure runs in the family! Of course, since his bariatric surgery, he’s been advised to eat limited and healthy foods only.


“Earlier he used to carry a large tiffin box with him to the office that had vegetables with thick gravy, chapattis, rice, etc. Now I send him few small boxes, while one contains bajre ka daliya, the other heeds his fiber needs (peeled oranges), one dry vegetable with minimal spices.”

The breakfast at the Tak Villa was served. My favourite Hemashree was missing from the scene since she had school. Fruit salad with Paneer, cucumber, tomato and onion sandwiches (brown bread), poha, bajre ka daliya (with ghee on the side if someone wants), namkeen paraanthe, and curd were our luscious breakfast for the day.


How amazing is it when we have ample breakfast choices! Ruhi loves poha, Karan ate paranthas, Karan’s dad ate the prescribed daliya and his mother ate a brown bread sandwich.

Karan’s father was the foodi-est of them all! He described the succulent paneer that he eats every time he visits Karol Bagh in New Delhi.


Everything was cooked in little or no oil. For example, the sandwich was made in a non-stick griller, and poha in very little oil, the taste, though, was intact!

“Tell me honestly, Ruhi. Is this breakfast feast prepared especially for us, or really is this how you usually eat?”

“No, no! Don’t worry! It’s our usual breakfast, sometimes we also include sprouts. But nothing new!”


Well, that’s brilliant, then. Let’s see what Dietician Aditi Mehrotra has to say!

“The dietary recall of the TAK’s looks delightfully interesting. The breakfast is eaten by all family members which is good. Considering this important meal is often lazily skipped by a large percentage of individuals. But what makes it interesting is that each member eats a different breakfast based on individual needs. Karan ate namkeen parantha and curd along with an additional bowl of bajre ka daliya. This is probably because Karan wants to fuel his body with a good heavy breakfast that keeps him going through the day. He then keeps himself going on unlimited cups of tea and coffee at the showroom. Dinner then becomes heavy. Ruhi is a little health conscious of late which is why she digs into Poha. This is eternally a better choice for breakfast. Poha is basically high in iron, fiber and mineral content as well. If cooked well with lot of vegetables and less oil, it makes for a healthy start to the day. Their Dad ate bajra daliya which is a very nutritious grain to eat at the start of the ‘shishir’ ritu. This is a warming grain. This brings alive the digestive Agni which helps in better digestion. The mother ate a Brown bread cucumber tomato sandwich. My suggestion to her will be that she could go for a genuinely baked bakery Multi grain bread which will be genuinely a brown bread. She could also start grilling the sandwich with winter approaching. Hemashree was given a packed brunch for school comprizing of Sabzi and chapaties. Now how much she will enjoy the tiffin is a big question mark. My tiffin suggestions: try giving peanut butter and cheese spread multigrain sandwich or sprouty bowl or coloured idlies and chutney-use pureed spinach for green colour and carrot and beet for red. Try mixed veggie cutlets shape them into smiley faces. Use your imagination to make tiffin interesting. This is the most important meal for a child after dinner the previous evening.

I think paranthas make for a very unhealthy breakfast. Try whole grains or full bodied cereals for breakfast. A new entrant in this meal is Oats. This grain has multiple health benefits. Add a fruit bowl to the morning breakfast. Try having a mug of milk in place of tea for breakfast. Other breakfast options are-oaty upma/oats poha/can do muesli yoghurt with sprinkled flax seeds and nuts or do steamed sprout and corn bowl / porridge bowl or just a grilled sandwich.”

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Photo Courtesy – Shreya Mehta

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