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Komal Panwar

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Charlize Theron LOVED Playing A Bisexual On Big Screen. And, Unapologetically So.

  • IWB Post
  •  July 15, 2017


The recent film releases that have been smashing worldwide box-office records include many women-oriented films.

This reminds us that the girl power is touching hearts of millions. We hear that the “Atomic Blonde,” which is set to release towards the end of July, is expected to do the same.

But, if you think that the “women empowering” angle of the film is the only aspect that excites Theron, you couldn’t be more wrong. Another strong reason why she was excited to take up the role of the top-level MI6 spy Lorraine Broughton is that her character is bisexual.

I just loved it,” Theron said when she spoke of shooting a steamy love scene with her co-star Sofia Boutella, who plays Delphine, “For so many reasons: My frustration of how that community is represented in cinema, or lack thereof. And also, it made perfect sense. It just suited her.”

“It just felt there was a way through that relationship and the fact that it was a same-sex relationship,” she said, “to show a woman not having to fall in love, which is one of those female tropes: ‘It’s a woman; she better fall in love — otherwise, she’s a whore!’”

She continued,James Bond doesn’t have such hot you-know-what. I loved that we didn’t hide under the sheets.”

Well, Theron, we don’t blame you. It sure sounds exciting.

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