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Celebrating National Sports Day With Himangini – State Shotgun Shooting Champion

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  •  August 28, 2015


Himangini Rathore Hooja has won 2 gold medals at Rajasthan State Shooting Championship in Shotgun Shooting. Since today is National Sports Day, JWB has decided to pay homage to sportswomen like her who are exploring their capable-side even after marriage!

IMG_4715JWB: Congratulations, Himangini!! We are so happy for you!!

Himangini (giggles): Thank you so much!IMG_4752JWB: To be honest, we were surprised to see the beautiful saree-clad woman, we met the other day, winning a sport that requires holding a fully loaded gun!IMG_4761Himangini: A 4 Kg gun, by the way! Jokes apart, I strongly believe that every woman has got some kind of talent, and it is just the matter of time when it gets explored. Most of the time, the world refuses to recognize women wrapped under many layers of saree.

IMG_4676JWB: We second you! So why shooting?

Himangini: My husband is a religious lover of this sport. I accompany him most of the times for his practice sessions. One such day during this August, we met an International Shooter and he encouraged me to enroll my name for this contest. I was like ‘but I have never done this before’, and he said ‘you have got a little more than 15 days, buckle up!’

IMG_4740JWB: Whoa, that was quick!

Himangini: I know. My husband thereafter took the responsibility. He made sure I came for the practices. He mentored me till the last hour, along with his ‘fully-loaded’ morale boosting sessions.

IMG_4788JWB: Aha! Was the training tough, like how we see in ‘Milkha Singh’ type of movies?

Himangini (laughs): I was the Sports Head Girl back in school; and had played handball, volleyball, throw ball and tennis. On the whole, I was in the required frame of mind. Maybe that’s why I agreed to the plan in a jiffy!IMG_4757Initially I learned how to assemble the parts of a gun. There is a certain way one needs to hold it. First few days were physically painful.IMG_4685

IMG_4705JWB: Tell us about the D-day.

Himangini: We were 3 women competing, among which I was chosen the winner after a handful of rounds. Sadly, our state isn’t producing many female shotgun shooters.IMG_4678JWB: That’s what our next question was going to be. Are there any stereotypes attached to ‘women in shooting’?

Himangini: It would be right to say so. On the contrary, we have more than 700 women shooters in air-gun from Rajasthan.IMG_4768JWB: Did you just say 700?

Himangini: Shotgun shooting is an expensive sport. The license to get the gun, the gun itself, cartridges, jacket, glasses; all these things together turn out to be a little heavy on pocket.IMG_4782JWB: In the end, tell us what future holds for you?

Himangini: Pre-national in October! Yayy!!IMG_4785JWB: We wish you all the best, dear. Keep up this energy level.

Medal presented by Sh. Gajendra Khimsar, Sports Minister

Medal presented by Sh. Gajendra Khimsar, Sports Minister

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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