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Catch Up On The Timeline Of IWB’s Workshop On Writing For Social Media

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  •  November 22, 2017


When Sohini Guharoy, Social Media Head at the Quint, joined IWB’s Bloggy Boogie workshop at St. Xaviers University, my mind was on an overdrive!

“When social media phase out of existence, you’re surely going to be jobless?” asked a student.

Bloggy Boggie

“That, dear, is something I should not worry about, for social media is not a passing fad, it is a phenomenon that has solidified its presence beyond the possibility of disappearing!” exclaimed Sohini, calming my elevated heart rate at the mention of no social media.*sweating bullets*

And thus, the event kick-started! She made college students actually pause and listen to her! Herculean task there, Sohini!

Bloggy Boggie

And Anvita, IWB’s social media editor, was up-in-arms with Sohini, pumping up the crowd with her energy, which I am sure she has a secret stock of!

Bloggy Boggie

“If you could be a social media platform, what would you be?” she questioned, to which Sohini had a prompt reply. “I would be Instagram, because of all, it is the only one that has kept its originality and not gone overboard trying to be all business-minded.”

Bloggy Boggie

Just as I was congratulating myself on actually keeping my peepers open during the session, I noticed a very unusual behavior among the students – they were hanging on to every word being spoken!

Bloggy Boggie

No the usual, eh? And I realized that the jumbo team of Anvita’s quirkiness and Sohini’s dead-on social media expertise was the magic at work!

Bloggy Boggie

“Wo time gaya when we used to keep the audience from the main part of the story. Now you’ve to dangle the ripe orange, in the beginning, nahi toh gaya reader dusri site pe!” said Sohini. Possessing the patience span of a teaspoon, I must say, I wholeheartedly agree with Sohini here.

Meanwhile, someone was lost in his own world, but not our photographer Pallav, who zeroed-in on this beauty being sketched out!

Bloggy Boggie

Someone was busy doodling out their fantasies.


“How many of you read newspapers?” Old habits don’t die easily, and I raised my hand as well, along with the students. “Oh, really! Is it because it stares you in the face, lying on the dinner table, that too because your parents subscribed to it?” Peals of laughter answered her inquiry.

Bloggy Boggie

Pointing out how free time is spent by aimlessly scrolling through our Facebook feed, and asking the students about the same, Sohini recited a rather relatable tale, “You people do follow those Yummy and Tasty food channels on Facebook, right?”

Bloggy Boggie

Everyone vigorously nodded their heads in agreement. “Drooling over the dish which looks insanely easy to make, our attempts at making it well… bhagwan jane kya ban jata hai!”

Bloggy Boggie

“Just be you, and people will notice that honesty. Success is the next thing that follows!”

Wrapping the amazing session with Sohini, IWB and St. Xaviers thanked her for sharing her priceless insights and giving us a peep into the inner world of social media.

Bloggy Boggie

I and dear camera have an unknown enmity going, but keeping in mind the students with their eagerness and our host Dr. Ritu Sen’s charming and sweet hospitality ek group photo to banta hai na?!

Bloggy Boggie

Group photo with students of St. Xavier and Ritu Ma’am

But the fun doesn’t end here, folks! Keep a lookout for my lunch date with Sohini!

Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava


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