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Career Sabbatical is Soul Sabbatical. Do it right with Jasmin

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  •  February 16, 2015

“I have taken a sabbatical of 3 yrs from my job since I always knew how much the baby is going to need me. Also, she is my 1st child and I needed some quality time to learn a thing about motherhood,” says Jasmine.

With a baby girl who is just 1.5 yrs old and looks like a Japanese doll, you cannot think of resuming back to work. Jokes apart, working women who are also new mothers have to face the dilemma of whether they should stay at home or continue their successful career. One such woman is Jasmin Bhambani who has a 1.5 yrs old baby girl (the Japanese Doll).

When we reached Jasmin’s home in the afternoon, she welcomed us with a warm Hello and hot sandwiches. Not just that, the snack menu also had fresh coconut water and cookies. Who on earth says a workaholic woman is not homely? But that’s another story. DSC_0095We wanted to meet Jasmin to make her story reach you with the message – taking a break from your career is not a bad move and doesn’t mean the end of your career!

Jasmine has worked as a successful Human Resource Expert with a renowned resourcing company of Jaipur for good 8 yrs. She has handled a team of 25 professionals and clients like Airtel, Dainik Bhaskar, Piramal Health Care, before falling in love with her husband and planning a baby.

JWB – So the decision to take a break was completely yours, even when you were at the top of your career!

Jasmin – Absolutely. I wanted to start a family and this was the right time. I have no regrets; rather I am the happiest woman on earth.DSC_0007

JWB – We can see that glow. Beginning from the basics, tell us those important factors a woman must look out for before taking maternal leaves.

Jasmin – One must check her PF and ESIC policies with the company. Withdraw the money, if you want to, before taking the leave. Also see how many months your company has allotted for maternity leaves and if they are paid. Most companies give 6 months paid pregnancy leaves.DSC_0014

JWB – But the question is how much time is actually required by a new mother?

Jasmin – I think, at least a year. This includes regaining your own health and providing the new-born with healthy mother’s milk for a year.

JWB – What does our Indian law say? Is it different from other countries?

Jasmin – The law says maternal paid leaves are as long as 12 weeks. However, we don’t have paid paternal leave pattern in our country.DSC_0035

JWB – That’s a disadvantage, we believe.

Jasmin – But then I think it’s okay because a father cannot breastfeed the baby, and hence, a mother’s presence is more important for the little one.

JWB – How do you keep yourself updated with the corporate world?

Jasmin – Internet. I read and follow the business and corporate gurus. Plus, my husband is my second Google.DSC_0063

JWB – What have you thought about your comeback?

Jasmin – I have become mature after giving birth to the life. I am determined to follow my dreams now and so, I want to change my sector. I am trying to focus on joining an NGO like UNISEF.DSC_0019

JWB – As a?

Jasmin – Programming Officer or something like that. I have been reading about the qualifications needed to get this kind of job.

JWB – But why only an NGO?

Jasmin – First, because I want to serve people through my work and second, because they generally have flexible working hours. My baby is still small and needs attention. My Mother-in-Law is also working, so there would be no one to take care of her if I start working. I am aware of the fact that she needs few more years of mine before getting on her own.DSC_0040

JWB – We are impressed by the clarity you have in your mind about every decision.

Jasmin – Thank you.DSC_0038

JWB – About flexible timings, do you think our city has embraced that culture and have mother-friendly workplaces?

Jasmin – Umm…not exactly. That’s quite opposite to the culture of the metro cities and other countries.

JWB – Aren’t you afraid of not getting to enjoy the same power and position you had in previous job?

Jasmin – Not at all. See, you need to accept few practical things. Even if you are going back to the same company after sabbatical, you cannot accept the company to keep your space vacant for so many months or years. You might have to start from scratch. You might have to prove yourself from the beginning to regain the trust. There is nothing disheartening about it.DSC_0051

JWB – And what if it was for a male employee?

Jasmin – I think, the same. Even a man who is coming to work after 2 yrs will have to begin from step 1.DSC_0037

JWB – What are you expecting from your new company?

Jasmin – That would be too early to say since I haven’t applied anywhere. I am still reviving my résumé. But yes, I look forward to a warm welcome with no gender stereotypes related to salary and opportunity. And if there would be any, I know how to break them.DSC_0057

JWB – All the best. We think motherhood has made you a better HR professional.

Jasmin (laughs) – That’s true. Earlier I was a bit strict. Now I understand the problems women go through. I remember rejecting so many résumé because they couldn’t beat the time my company offered to them. I am now sitting on the same chair!DSC_0056

Such a fierce mother she is with clear thoughts about her career. We like her! Do you have an encouraging story like Jasmin to share with us? Write to us at

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