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We would call it the ‘World Cup’

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  •  January 10, 2015


Unfortunately, the natural process of menstruation has not been embraced well by the human clan. Women around the world face various taboos during their menses. One such ill-fated place is Nairobi’s Mathare slum.

Mathare people are quite poor and cannot afford to buy sanitary pads for their women. The cheapest package of sanitary pads in Kenya costs 65KES (about 45 Rs), which is just less than the average daily wage of the most unskilled workers. This led women to using leaves, newspaper, rags, cotton, bits of mattress stuffing, even mud during their periods. Moreover, it is estimated that roughly half of the girls in Kenyan slums have at one time traded sex to purchase sanitary pads.

This is not only shameful but also ineffective, uncomfortable and unhealthy way to deal with menstruation. So what is the way out?

Enter Menstrual Cups!

What is it?

A menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone and is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect fluid. Unlike tampons and pads that contain harmful bleaches and chemicals, menstrual cups have no negative side effects on a woman’s body and there is no threat of the Toxic Shock Syndrome. When inserted correctly, the cup sits about half an inch inside the vagina, and creates a vacuum seal to prevent leakage.


How have they replaced cloth, tampons & pads in Mathare?

Due to following reasons:

  • Environmental friendly – It is estimated that a woman throws out around 300 pounds of disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. The cups can  be washed and reused for upto 15 years! Hence, no garbage at all.
  • Easy to use – the cups only need to be emptied every 12 hours!! Thus, girls can attend school without worrying about the availability of private washroom facilities or revealing their period to peers.
  • Healthy – helps reduce the risk of reproductive health infections and menstruation-related diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia.
  • Pocket friendly – now the cost of one bag of sanitary pads can be used in other household activities.

Women in the area are happy with this advancement. The girls can now attend school without taking a break for finding toilets, the women don’t have to stop their daily chores, and families don’t have to skip meals to afford a pack of pads, etc.


Finally, another cup that can help women big time. Hehe! If you want one, you can order them online. You have color choices too – in pink color here and in white here from amazon.in! They say, you can even use it for 30 years…imagine!

We can at least tell about menstruation cups to our maids, helpers who use other unhygienic ways during menses. Spread the word about these magical cups, ladies!

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