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The Cake Take on True Love of Usha & Manu Jain

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  •  February 14, 2015

We hope you are enjoying Valentine’s Day reads on our website. Here comes the last story of our campaign with lovely and yummy Miss Bakers, where we went on to meet 4 Jaipur couples asking them what makes their bond unique. Of course, all that was done in a very interesting way. Check it out in this yet another youthful, charming and quirky love story.

Manu and Usha will complete 1 splendid year of their wedding in coming few days. They are young and fierce and this describes the period when they fought for their love. Belonging to different castes, they have faced hurdles, only to get married in a fairytale style wedding showered with the blessings of their respective families.

Sitting in their artistic verandah, we listened to the couple about their love, struggles and togetherness while they made clay fondant models of each other. Have a look!

JWB – But first take this little souvenir from Miss Bakers.Usha JainIn chorus – Thank you.

JWB – And this is the clay fondant from which you have to make bride & groom depicting one another. We will make this pair sit on the cupcakes in the end.

In chorus – Let’s go! DSC_0322JWB – Let us begin with talking about the kind of love you both share.

Usha – A love with no fights – we know how to bounce back to normal self in a jiffy.DSC_0265Manu – I think the kind of values we have gives a very strong foundation to our relationship…the cake of our relation!DSC_0273JWB – Aha, so we are talking cake. Then you must tell about one sweet and one bitter thing between you two.

Usha – I am the sweet part, you see.DSC_0303Manu – I won’t mind! DSC_0290 EDITJWB – Ahem!

Manu – But yes, the best part about her is that she can love the person I like, with equal intensity even if she knows this person for a very less time. It’s like…she has absorbed the flavor of my life within her. DSC_0276JWB – Wow. And Usha, what is one best thing about him?

Usha – I would rather speak about one notorious habit of Manu. He likes food a lot and more than that, he loves it if I cook. So the other day he saw pita bread at Miss Bakers and asked me to prepare it at home!DSC_0268JWB – And what did you do?

Usha – I bought it from Miss Bakers.

JWB – While the struggles to get married were going on, what did you realize about the self?DSC_0284Manu – I got rid of my commitment phobia. I always thought I couldn’t stay in a relationship for too long.

Usha – And I realized I could be stable. More stable.DSC_0252JWB – Whoa…too deep. Let’s take a break and show us your respective models.

Usha – OMG, I am bald. DSC_0298Manu (laughs) – Oops! Though you stand in style. DSC_0248JWB – Usha, you have done an amazing job. It is so creative. DSC_0309Usha – Thank you. Yay, so this means I win.

Manu – There was no game.

JWB – Being a women’s blog, we make it a game, and Usha is the winner. DSC_0316Usha – Yayy!

Manu – Oh come on. Physical beauty is not important, so what if the model I have made looks bad.DSC_0314JWB – Not bad but funny.

Usha – So if after few years I grow very fat and pregnancy stretch marks show up all over my belly, will you still love me the way you do now?DSC_0288Manu – With every passing year, grows my love for you.

JWB – Touch-wood.

Manu – Touch my clay model rather. It is about to fall…DSC_0310Usha – No worries, I am happy to look like a mermaid.

JWB – And what is the groom-Manu called?DSC_0262Usha – My Macho man!

JWB – It is time we place them on the cup cakes. last 1Manu – We look so cute!

Usha – Yes, we do!1 EDITLook, the help at their home showed us his creative side (and also saved Manu the embarrassment) by making a beautiful ‘bride’ clay model representing Usha. Like it?last 2

We have enjoyed this session with Usha and Manu. Write to us how you found it! Team JWB wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. No matter if you have a Valentine to celebrate with or not, don’t forget to make the day sweet with Miss Bakers cakes and confectioneries.

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