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The Cake Take on the Old School Romance of Mr. & Mrs. Jain

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  •  February 13, 2015

The best love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together but of these Grandpa and Grandma who are growing old together. Meet Mr. Poonam Chand and Prem Lata Jain. After completing a whooping 51 yrs together last year and having celebrated other anniversaries sometimes in USA, Thailand, Bangkok, Indonesia, and of course in beautiful India; the couple seems to have more plans yet to fulfill.

I want to travel Europe with her” – says Mr. Jain.DSC_0164

JWB – We are thrilled to meet you both. Today, we have an interesting activity for you that you are going to enjoy a lot. Miss Bakers has sent you love cupcakes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.DSC_0233

Mrs. Jain – Thank you very much. They look beautiful.DSC_0238

Mr. Jain – Also, smell good.

JWB – You both have to make clay model of one another that we will put on these cupcakes at the end.DSC_0162

Mr. Jain – Just like how the wedding cakes these days are!DSC_0180

JWB – Absolutely. Shall we begin?

Mr. Jain – But I am bad at creativity.

Mrs. Jain – Don’t worry, I will help you.DSC_0165

JWB – Uh uh, we know you love each other a lot but here no cheating. Let him make his own.

Mr. Jain – Okay, I will take the blue and red, and begin.DSC_0167

JWB – Which colors do you like seeing her in?

Mr. Jain – She looks lovely in red and yellow. But today, let’s dress her up in blue indigo color. DSC_0231

JWB – Prem Lata ji, do you mind?

Mrs. Jain – Not at all. You know, in our times the girl had very less to say in decision making. Even for our marriage, it was him who selected me before I got to finally see him.DSC_0197

Mr. Jain – Tell them, ours was a kind of love marriage.

JWB – Wow, tell us all about it while you are making the clay models.

Mr. Jain – I noticed her in a temple. I immediately asked my family to visit her home and talk about the proposal. They invited us for tea and it was fixed in a jiffy. I was the happiest man on the earth that day.

Mrs. Jain – So many people came to finalize.DSC_0176

JWB – Quite a 50’s Bollywood movie scene. Did you like him?

Mrs. Jain – As I said, girls weren’t given that freedom. I couldn’t complain even if I had to.DSC_0219

Mr. Jain – Oh did you want to complain?DSC_0201

(Every one burst out laughing)DSC_0184

JWB – It’s time you show us your models.

Mr. Jain's model for his wife

Mr. Jain’s model for his wife

Mrs. Jain – Arey, you forgot my eyes.

Mr. Jain – At least I haven’t made you multi colored. Deal with mine.DSC_0175

Mrs. Jain (laughs) – Not in this case. DSC_0189

Mr. Jain – Okay fine, give me a minute.

JWB – Poonam Chand ji, how important is the advice of your wife for you?

Mr. Jain – A lot. I was just an ordinary assistant and she has loved me unconditionally throughout the journey. She is the woman who had my back and is responsible for my success. She took care of our 4 kids while I was working and traveling. The credit goes to her for making me the President of the nationally renowned company. DSC_0196

Mrs. Jain – But I only disliked his one habit of playing cards with friends. DSC_0208

(Mr. Jain smiled)DSC_0181

JWB – He seems like a sweet husband.

Mr. Jain – I am, I make tea for my wife!


Mrs. Jain (laughs) – He catches my face expressions on the day I don’t want to prepare tea. In spite of the help at home, we still like the tea made by one of us. DSC_0203

JWB – Truly madly in love for last 51 years.

Mrs. Jain – So deeply that once his shoes got stolen, while we were traveling in a train. That happened because he had been so indulged in looking into my eyes and holding my hands. I am talking about when we just got married and were coming back from honeymoon. DSC_0177

The couple treated us with coffee and snacks.DSC_0213

Mr. Jain – Oh my god, Mrs. Jain is under the tray!DSC_0228

Mrs. Jain – Now its look like I am wearing a frock! Don’t worry.

JWB – Plan your Valentine’s Date now!

Mr. Jain – I will bring her red roses, she loves them. We will go for a movie.DSC_0214

Mrs. Jain – No, no, not a movie. How about ice-cream?DSC_0202

JWB – Movie sounds romantic!

Mr. Jain – Exactly. Maybe, an old Mala Sinha movie.

Mrs. Jain – Rather lets listen to the romantic songs from the film ‘Nikaah’. DSC_0209

Aren’t they so cute together, like a pair of gummy bears? We’re in love with the concept of ‘Love’ after meeting them. In the end, they made ‘each other’ sit on the mouthwatering cupcakes of Miss Bakers, just like on a wedding cake.DSC_0243

PS – Order your Valentine’s Day cake specials here.DSC_0242

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