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The cake-take on 25 years of Mr. & Mrs. Mitruka

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  •  February 14, 2015

Happy 25 years of togetherness, dear Mitrukas. Yesterday (Feb. 13) marked the 25 yrs of Arun and Madhu’s marriage which they celebrated in a grand way. As a guest, we witnessed many relatives and friends of the couple blessing them with hugs, flowers, surprise gifts, etc. The big ground of a city based club was beaming with the smile on couple’s faces. Standing next to each other and greeting guests was their promise to make next 25 yrs of the life ahead more wondrous.

The day before the gala event, we met the couple at their residence’s rooftop for a quick chat. We were told that Arun is a strict man of few words and that’s why we decided to not get too affable, since they were also busy with party preparations.DSC_0328As our Valentine’s Day campaign’s part, we presented them with the yummy chocolate cupcakes that Miss Bakers had sent for them.DSC_0385Madhu – I am sure they taste good, but look at them, so beautiful.

JWB – We’ll convey your message to Miss Bakers. DSC_0374

Arun – I can see some clay with you, is there a task to perform?

JWB – Just like the model of the bride and groom on a wedding cake, you both have to make models of one another.

DSC_0353Madhu – This shouldn’t be tough.

JWB – And while doing so, keep telling us about your lovely relationship. DSC_0347JWB – What is so special about these 25 yrs?DSC_0350

Arun – We got married in 1990 and since then every day has been a new journey with her. Unlike most wives, my wife is not at all demanding.DSC_0339JWB – Have you seen other wives being demanding?DSC_0351

Arun – I have seen them asking their husbands to buy a new car, jewelry, saree for them. Somehow, women are not satisfied with the things they owe. DSC_0369Madhu – But that is because my husband has never given me a chance to complain! He makes sure to surprise me with gifts every now and then.DSC_0343JWB – This is a special quality! Don’t you want to change a thing in each other?

Madhu – I do. I want him to think about his health now. He has been very negligent.DSC_0354Arun – I want my wife the way she is. I have loved her for what she is for these 25 yrs and I can’t see all that altering.DSC_0345JWB – You both seem to have finished the clay models. Show us!


Madhu’s and Arun’s artwork respectively

JWB – It does look brilliant. Like a statue placed in some Italian street.

Arun – Thank you.

JWB – And Madhu, your art work seems to have a touch of Rajasthan.DSC_0381Madhu – That’s right. I have only made the face wearing a Rajasthani turban.

Arun – And see, I have a moustache resembling the real one.DSC_0365JWB – We absolutely loved your creativity. Tell us, who do you think is responsible for the success of your marriage?

Madhu – Definitely me. DSC_0375Arun – Is it?

Madhu – Aap jante hain yeh baat acche se. (You know this very well)DSC_0378

(Arun smiles)

JWB – Imagine if there is a museum dedicated to your married life, what would you like to display there?

Arun – I would display my wife, she is the epitome of a strong woman. DSC_0355…She is a giver, and as a wife she has adjusted herself according to me and my work. I hardly see her complaining.

JWB – This is another side of a woman – being selfless. Hence, being a little demanding is okay.

Madhu – I would like to display the 21 handmade greeting cards he gave me on my 21st birthday during our courtship period. Even the message inside each card was personally written by him. DSC_0332JWB – Handmade cards? That too 21??? And someone told us Mr. Arun is a strict person. We condemn believing it. A person who can think of making 21 love-filled cards cannot be strict.

Arun (laughs) – Who said that to you?DSC_0334

JWB – Your elder son, Abhijeet.

Madhu (laughs) – Arun may b strict for the kids but he has immense love for me in his heart!DSC_0364JWB – We can totally see that!DSC_0392

Lesson learnt – Never believe any story about love, it is all about experiencing. We are glad we have sensed the love Mr. Arun has for his wife. As far as his son Abhijeet is concerned, we have made him a call thanking for making Team JWB meet his lovely parents.

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ Surprise your beloved with customized cakes from Miss Bakers!

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