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Businesswoman Alka Batra and Businessman Ashish Sharma: Who gets the Cream?

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  •  September 23, 2014


To end our discussion on ‘Women Equality’, here is our last conversation talking about equality in Entrepreneurship. For this, we met Jaipur’s entrepreneur Mrs. Alka Batra, founder Aegis HR Consultancy, and Mr. Ashish Sharma, Image Consulting Business Institute.

Both marking an excellent growth in their respective businesses, we asked them few questions to know if the business world treats women equally or not. For that, we made them split a Britannia Jim-Jam cream biscuit to see which one of them gets the creamy side – metaphorically, the privilege in this big bad business world. In their case, both of them shared equal cream on their sides!


JWB – Who gets the cream in business world?

Ashish – It’s the woman.


Alka – I disagree.

Ashish – People have soft corner for women.


Alka – The soft cream inside has a tough crust outside just like this biscuit. Women have to face hatred, trust issues, corruption and self exploitation at the cost of this soft corner.


JWB – Hmm. And have you ever faced trust issues in your business?

Alka – Initially, yes.


JWB – Alka, according to you, will women get the cream in business world ever?

Alka – Unfortunately, a long way to go.

JWB – Whom do you prefer dealing with while making a business deal?


Ashish – Men, definitely. We can booze together and make or break any deal.


Alka – Well, somewhere I also like dealing with men since they are more professional as compared to women counterparts. The jealousy issue prevails among women. I faced this problem some time back.

JWB – Ashish, have you ever doubted the capabilities of a businesswoman?


Ashish – Never. I have known women like Alka, and they have been great since the start. I have learnt a lot from them. They have got excellent management skills.

JWB – Please rate Jaipur’s businesswomen on a scale of 1 to 10.

Ashish – 10.


JWB – So when men, as you are saying, trust and are learning from businesswomen, why do you think there are fewer women in business?

Ashish – It has more to do with their personal problems like family opposition, finances, lack of resources, etc.


JWB – How do you rate women on this scale? Are they doing fine into business?

Alka – 20 out of 10. They are doing double labor as compared to men. Handle business and home simultaneously, commendable! If a woman fails in her business endeavor, she has been taunted for being a failure. She is supposed to work twofold.


Ashish – See, now words like these make me feel that we men are doing just nothing! Ah, the tea is still hot.


Alka (laughed) – Ashish ji, be careful.

JWB – How do men generally find finances?

Ashish – Friends or bank loans.

Alka – And father.


Everyone giggled.

Alka – Sons have been getting the cream in most of the Indian households.


We somewhere agree, but this  is not the truth in this household, do you remember?

JWB – And how do women arrange finances?


Alka (sipped her hot tea and said) – Mostly savings. Women have been good at saving in her sugar and flour boxes. Also, since they are less risk-taking, they tend to put their own money at stake. I was hyper-tensed when I took the loan from banks, I could hardly sleep during nights worrying will I be able to manage or not.

JWB – Ashish, should women change something in them to become more successful in business world?


Ashish – I think the business world should change itself. Our perception for these women fighters is very shallow.


Alka – I am glad he thinks like this. He is right; a female boss is not taken as seriously as the way employees treat their male bosses. They obey them while they make sarcastic comments behind a female senior. But no matter if women get the whole cream box or not, we still know how to snatch it!

JWB – Alka, now on a lighter side. What can Ashish learn from you to reach next level of success?

Alka – Oh, hard to answer. But yes, he can have a more aggressive approach towards his work.


JWB – Ashish, your say. What can you learn from her?

Ashish – I want to be known as ‘Alka Batra’.

Alka – Aww..thank you. These cream biscuits are spelling magic on him. Ha-ha.


JWB – Haha, let him eat more!

Ashish – I won’t’ mind.


JWB – And Ashish, what can she learn from you?

Ashish – She is the daddy, I have only completed 2 years in my business.

JWB – Men have legacy issue in mind. They want their sons to take over. While this is not the case with women, rather women in business are more self-oriented and work for self-satisfaction. How much do both of you agree?


Alka – But at that, women are still not confident about their choices. They might be making names in their businesses but at the end of the day that satisfaction level drops when she goes back home. Listen to the husband; work in the kitchen, run after the children. If she has to take any decision for her business, she has to ask her husband. Imagine! I feel bad for such women.

Ashish – That’s the whole issue. Men don’t do that. We generally don’t take consent of wife before making a decision. I just bought a white Duster few hours back.


JWB – And you didn’t ask your wife, in case she would have wanted some different model or at least color?

Ashish – Nope!

To conclude, we noticed how both Alka and Ashish agree to the fact that women are not getting the cream they deserve in the business world. You tell us – how do you feel about the position of women in business.

The magic in each photo  was brought by our photographer Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain.


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