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Bridal Diary Page 4: Some Hilarious Questions We Were Asked While Filming ‘Shehnaayi’

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  •  August 10, 2017


I had a little idea about what it felt like to be on camera. I will be honest, it felt awkward, especially because I was not allowed to watch the raw footage, and there is a solid reason behind that.

The thing is, when I saw the raw footage of the poster shoot, I almost fainted. I might even have said some stuff like, “What the hell? Please crop me out of this shot!” or “Can you make me look a little thinner?” or “Can you photoshop my face to make my skin look smoother?”

Anyway, when the day of the shoot finally arrived, I didn’t know what would be in store for me. I realized that every time you decide to shoot a video, there is always someone who wants to know what’s going on. So, here are some kind of people you meet when you’re shooting a video on the street.

 “Kaunsi flim ki s(h)ooting ho rahi hai?”

Image result for curious gif

Oh yeah. Folks going for pre-wedding shoots, this question, in particular, will be shot at you, for sure. People are always curious about films being shot. Even if you tell them the truth, they might show off later at dinner that they spoke to a Director of a film in the making.

Bhaiya, koi nayi heroine aayi hai kya?

Image result for dulha gif

Or there might be someone who asks “Can you get us an autograph with the heroine?” Funny story, while we were filming the video, we found a couple that was probably traveling, they wanted a picture with the crew! How cool is that?

This was my reaction.

Image result for peace gif

Mujhe bhi photo me le lo.

Related image

Who doesn’t want to be on camera? Every time you have your tripods & other camera-stuff-gadgets around you, you are meant to draw attention. And so did we, especially because we had a girl wearing a leather jacket over a lehenga!

Permission li hai video banane ki?

Image result for cop gif

Then there are the police officers who see pre-weddings being made every day and keep a check on those who are doing it with or without permission. But, then again, if they like what you’re doing, or you give them a small role in the film, they might leave you alone!

Agar ye band hai to Dulha kahaan hai?

Okay, this one will probably not happen to you, but it did happen to us!

Image result for baraat gif

Keeping in mind that we had a band without the Dulha… Now, that is rare. While, in our case, the dulha was present behind-the-scenes, the Dulhan was driving her truck with the Baraat stuffed inside it.

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