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Bottle Feeding Is Beautiful Too!

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  •  July 18, 2015

Being a parent is indeed a tough job. Isn’t it? While everyone else in the family is happy welcoming the new member, there are two people, losing their sleep, cutting down their personal expenses; and they have probably started feeling deaf because their adorable little creature cries on full volume. This isn’t it. To top it all, there are people, who constantly keep instructing them about how to bring their infant up, and judging them if they don’t listen.

o-FEEDING-570A breast feeding mom is considered to be the quintessence of motherhood. We share this belief too. But well, some of the mommies out there don’t do that, and that is completely normal. Either by choice or due to some health issue. Does that mean that they are lazy? Absolutely not!

o-BABYFEEDING-570Yes, breast feeding is healthy for the mother as well as the baby, but doing it every time the baby needs it isn’t possible. Most of the 21st Century women work, and can’t rush back to their homes if their baby feels hungry. Some of them also like the idea of entire family being able to feed the baby.


Photographer Nikke Whitman has come up with a beautiful series of pictures called “Bottle Feeding Is Beautiful Too.


If a woman chooses against breast-feeding her little bundle of joy, that doesn’t make her an unloving or lazy mother. Thou shalt not judge.

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